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swamps of death

Swamps Of Death Review

Geoff Dibb 24/02/2023

Swamps of Death serves as one of three options as a starter set for Shadows of Brimstone. Is it worthy of a top space expansion?

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derelict ship copy

Derelict Ship Otherworld Review

Geoff Dibb 02/12/2022

It's been centuries, lost in space. The derelict ship will push your heroes to the brink of madness as they begin to get closed in on...

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blasted wastes miniatures

Shadows Of Brimstone: Blasted Wastes Review

Geoff Dibb 07/11/2022

This Shadows of Brimstone Blasted Wastes expansion in the Deluxe Otherworld.... a distant planet which is used as a prison world.

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Shadows Of Brimstone Feudal Village cover

Top 5 Shadows Of Brimstone Expansions

Geoff Dibb 20/06/2022

Shadows of Brimstone! So many expansion choices to pick from... so here is a countdown of our Top 5 expansion packs.

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Shadows Of Brimstone Feudal Village cover

Shadows Of Brimstone Feudal Village Review

Geoff Dibb 04/05/2022

So, you’ve fought the Dark Shogun, survived against the dragon’s castle and fought half digested samurai within the bowels of the beast. The next step is...

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shadows of brimstone cover

Shadows Of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress Review

Geoff Dibb 04/04/2022

Forbidden Fortress Is a dungeon crawler at heart. You select one of four playable classes (Samurai, Monk, Ninja and Sorcerer.)

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