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Across America Fluxx Review

Steven Gibney 01/03/2024

Like previous games in the Fluxx series, Across America is an unpredictable card game where the rules and objectives are constantly changing!

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Fluxx 5.0 Second Opinion

Fluxx is a brilliant game: it can be both quick and easy to follow or so complicated you're working yourself into knots!

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pirate fluxx

Pirate Fluxx Review

Fluxx + Pirates = Pirate Fluxx. It is one of very many amazing Fluxx games but with a piratey twist! Arghhhh matey!

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deep space nine fluxx

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fluxx Review

Sam De Smith 09/01/2023

Who said you have to be a Star Trek expert to play Deep Space Nine Fluxx? Noone did. But whether you like Star Trek or not, you'll like this!

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math fluxx (1)

Math Fluxx Review

ABC, it's easy as... Finish it. If you're a fan of maths and you're a fan of Fluxx then you must look no further than Math Fluxx!

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fairy tale fluxx (1)

Fairy Tale Fluxx Review

POV: Your childhood dream was to live in a castle in a fairytale. Now, we can't promise exactly that, but Fairy Tale Fluxx should be enough.

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doctor who fluxx

Doctor Who Fluxx Review

Ross Coulbeck 09/11/2022

Doctor Who Fluxx takes Fluxx through Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Get your space suits on and lets go on a mission!

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Marvel Fluxx

Marvel Fluxx Review

In 2019 came the action packed Marvel Fluxx. We are very much in a Marvel world with movies and TV shows so how did the game stack up?

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monty python fluxx

Monty Python Fluxx Review

Another banger from the Fluxx series! Monty Python Fluxx kindly asks you pre-warm your coconuts before playing (it saves time).

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Nature Fluxx

Nature Fluxx Review

Meeplesforme 14/09/2022

The Fluxx series just never stops expanding! Here we are talking about the Mother Nature of all of the Fluxx's - Nature Fluxx.

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