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overDress Aurora Valkyrie Ride Chain

OverDress Aurora Valkyrie Start Deck Review

Joey Wiseman 06/07/2021

Arrest the opposition and bring the enemy to justice with Brandt Gate. Find everything you need to start playing in overDress Aurora Valkyrie.

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overDress Sylvan King Gameplay

OverDress Sylvan King Start Deck Review

Joey Wiseman 30/06/2021

Wield the power of the Sylvan Beasts in the fourth overDress trial deck: overDress Sylvan King. Can you surpass the opposition?

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overDress Apex Ruler Feature Cards

OverDress Apex Ruler Start Deck Review

Joey Wiseman 29/06/2021

Wield the power of the Holy Sword in the brand-new start deck: overDress Apex Ruler. Can you lead the Cloud Knights to victory?

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overDress Tyrant Tiger Diabolos Anger Richard

OverDress Tyrant Tiger Start Deck Review

Joey Wiseman 28/06/2021

Charge your opponents and seize your victory with the new overDress Tyrant Tiger start deck, the second of the new overDress start decks.

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overDress Holy Dragon Feature Cards

OverDress Holy Dragon Start Deck Review

Joey Wiseman 28/06/2021

Carry the prayers and illuminate the world with the new overDress Holy Dragon start deck. Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon is at your command!

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