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Resident Evil Showcase October 2022

resident evil showcase
resident evil showcase

Not to be outdone by Konami and their Silent Hill stream, Capcom have upped the ante by giving us the best look yet at its eagerly anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake. Not only that, but they also shared details on some other Resi Evil gubbins.

On the Resi 4 front, Capcom shared some action-packed gameplay. It saw our curtain-mopped protagonist, Leon, making his way through the woods and stumbling across an abandoned cabin. Things quickly escalate into an outdoor battle against a swarm of Ganado. Ending with a lovely fight with one of town’s chainsaw wielding psychopaths. Fans of the original Resident Evil 4 will recognise this early section instantly and it was the perfect way to show off the visual (and atmospheric) upgrade.

Capcom then went on to explain the goal of the remake is to “respect the original game’s world while implementing new ideas and state of the art graphics to strengthen the core concepts of the title”. With the aim to “provide a fresh experience with a sense of familiarity if you played the original, that both newcomers and veterans to Resi 4 will enjoy”. Frankly, Capcom have already knocked it out of the park with the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Nemesis remakes, so I think we’re in safe hands.

Some of the newly implemented ideas include a more attacks for the Ganado and a new knife parry manoeuvre for Leon. Even the iconic Merchant gets a new trade mechanic! Wha’cha sellin’?

Capcom then reiterated that the remake will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam on 24th March next year. The PS4 game will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free.

Retail editions will be coming in various flavours. The Deluxe Edition will include extra costumes, weapons, a treasure map, sunglasses accessory, and an original soundtrack swap feature. And there’ll be a physical-only Collectors Edition, which will contain all the above plus a Leon figure, digital soundtrack, artbook, poster, steelbook, and more. Pre-ordering the standard edition will bag players a gold attached case and handgun ammo charm for use in-game. While Deluxe and Collectors Edition pre-orders also get the classic attache case and green herb charm.

Capcom ended its Resident Evil 4 remake segment with a new trailer before moving onto other Resi Evil goodness. Resident Evil Village’s Winters’ Expansion got another airing before it’s October 28th release.

And finally the Nintendo Switch cloud version release dates were revealed. Resident Evil Village arrives on 28th October, with the Winters’ Expansion due on 2nd December. The Resident Evil 2 remake comes out on 11th November. Resi Evil 3 remake on 18th November and Resident Evil 7 on 16th December.

And that’s your lot! Have you got your pre-order for the Resident Evil 4 remake yet? Are you excited by the cloud versions on Nintendo Switch? Has anyone managed to get cloud gaming to work on a Switch?! Let’s us know on the Zatu socials.