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Video – Pandemic Rapid Response Unboxing

Pandemic: Rapid Response Video Unboxing

Pandemic: Rapid Response takes the popular board game series down a different path, with the prominence of dice. It's a real-time, dice driven co-operative game from FUSE creator, Kane Klenko. As with all Pandemic games, the publisher is Z-Man Games. It's for 2-4 players, with an average game lasting around 20 minutes.

The scene is set in a futuristic aircraft. You, and up to three other players, are workers, responding to crises around the world and saving humanity in different cities. Your tasks include creating emergency supplies and then flying to the needy city. As if that’s not enough, all of this needs to be completed within a certain time otherwise all is lost.

Rapid Response is played on a moderate-sized board that represents a plan of the aircraft. Different zones correspond to the areas where the varying resources may be generated. Players move throughout the plane completing tasks as needed.

As soon as the game gets under way the crisis cities and requirements are revealed. There is little time for excessive discussion of tactics. As experience and skills improve so the game can be made more challenging by the addition of new cards, random challenges and increasing the number of cities to be visited.

Unboxing Rapid Response

You can take a closer look at Rapid Response by watching Nick's unboxing video below.

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If you like what you see in the video above, it's time to add Rapid Response to your collection. If you want to learn more about the game, read Nathan's in-depth written review. As Nathan says in his review:

"This is a great game. It is quick, frantic and fun. It avoids the over-discussion of some co-op games. If the game wins (which it often does), you immediately want to try again, perhaps with different characters."

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