Video – Spirit Island Core Game Unboxing

Spirit Island Video Unboxing

Spirit Island is a thematic co-operative game from Greater Than Games, which has been designed by E. Eric Reuss.

Players take on the roles of spirits, each with their own unique powers. The spirits have the sole duty of beating back the invaders' attempts to settle colonies, blight the island's natural beauty, and eradicate the indigenous Dahan.

Turns are taken simultaneously, with players spreading their influence and stockpiling energy to unleash swift and devastating attacks. This needs to be done before the invaders can establish their cities and ravage the land.

A game of Spirit Island is won if players completely eradicate the invaders. Alternatively, players can win the game by acquiring enough fear tokens to force the invaders into abandoning their plans. Players lose if the invaders deplete the pool of blight tokens, or if one spirit’s presence is completely removed from the island.

Unbox Spirit Island

Spirit Island has some fantastic components, and the game is dripping with theme. Inside the box you'll find a variety of items, including game boards, cards, markers and buildings. Watch Andru's unboxing video below to see them in more detail.

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If you like what you see in the video above, it's time to add Spirit Island to your collection. If you want to learn more about the game, read Andy's in-depth written review. Alongside the core box, we also have the Branch & Claw Expansion. This adds two new spirits to the game, as well as new events to the Invader Phase.

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