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Air supremacy was a permanent challenge during World War II. In the battle of France, the Luftwaffe's powerful Stukas were a key component to the German blitzkrieg that led them to victory. Over the English Channel, the heroism of RAF pilots saved their country from an invasion. In the skies of Kursk, Smolensk or Stalingrad, many Soviet pilots defended their land against German bombs. Above the Pacific islands, US fighters put up a desperate fight to challenge the mighty Japanese Zeros. And when the Allied forces landed in Europe, it was under a constant aerial cover of fighters, fighter-bombers, and bombers - at that time, allied air supremacy was at its pinnacle.

Send your bombers on strategic objectives, but make sure they do not encounter enemy fighters! Order your fighter-bombers to support your troops into battle! These new rules grant you many new tactical options that can be put to good use in the scenarios provided with this expansion. Moreover, they are compatible with all the already existing scenarios, on all theatre of operations, and they will change your Memoir '44 experience for ever!

16 Airplanes Figures
3 Airplane Stands
30 Air Combat Cards
8 Summary Cards
15 Nation Markers
18 Machine Gun and 12 Bomb Markers
1 Rules Booklet
1 Scenario Booklet with 21 new battles

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Memoir '44 - New Flight Plan Review


Memoir '44 is renowned as a great military combat game, introducing many players to the genre and being a stand out game for myself. I have always enjoyed strategising and planning as well as learning a little more about history. The beauty of Memoir 44 being that it is historically accurate. New Flight Plan (designed by Richard Borg) aims to let players rain doom upon the enemy and push back troops from objectives, as well as commit to dogfights in the skies above the battlefield, all while including some beautifully designed miniatures!

This is not the first time that planes have been included into the Memoir '44 universe. However, New Flight Plan promises to streamline the existing rules used with the previous Air Pack, all while adding additional abilities and elements to make the game that little bit more interesting. The key thing that makes New Flight Plan interesting is the fact that it can be implemented across any existing Memoir '44 scenario with little to no admin required during set-up.

If that wasn’t enough, the expansion comes packed with 21 new scenarios. However, it is important to note that these will require some additional expansions, such as the terrain pack, but this is, of course, detailed in the rulebook.

Time For Battle

The planes included in this expansion (16 in total) fall into three main groups; fighters, bombers, and fighter bombers. There is a nice variety of options to be used in the game. For example, you may use the Supermarine Spitfire alongside the B17 Flying Fortress.

In terms of using planes within the game, the rules have been kept as simple as possible. The planes all move in the same way, however, difference can be found when attacking. Each type of plane will have to roll a certain symbol on the dice to successfully attack ground units. The amount you role depends on if you are attacking ground troops or in a dogfight. The air combat cards also give players unique abilities to be utilised during battle.

In terms of using the planes during a battle, it can initially be seen as an overwhelming force, having an enemy player blast over you in Spitfire. To balance the power of the fighters and bombers, each plane will have a certain amount of ammunition aboard, dictated by tokens. If this runs out, they must navigate off the map, reload and refuel before flying back into the fray. This element of balancing, in my opinion, works really nicely. It brings a sense of realism into the mix as well!

I've used the expansion in a few of the original scenarios already. I'm pleased to confirm that the inclusion of New Flight Plan is fairly seamless. It appears to alongside the other features of the game perfectly. Admittedly, the first game did take some time to get used to. However, as soon as you understand the core additions,you'll be able to switch the expansion in and out with ease.

The new scenarios are also quite interesting. One of the scenarios sees the German player use only planes to halt an allied convoy. There is a nice mix of content in the new scenarios and enough to keep regular players busy for a good while!

Memoir 44 - New Flight Plan Components
Memoir 44 - New Flight Plan Components (Credit: Days of Wonder)

Fly Those Planes

I guess the standout feature for this expansion is the actual planes. Unboxing them revealed my inner child and rekindled my love for Airfix. Those familiar with such model kits will get a sense of the plastic models from these, albeit a lot smaller and with no assembly required. Days of Wonder have done a fantastic job in modelling these planes and have gone as far as to make each unique, rather than having generic plane models.

During games, the planes are fitted to clear bases and these are sturdy and fit for purpose. Overall, the quality of the models, especially considering the size of them, is fantastic and gets top marks from me.

My one concern was that many of the scenarios required other expansions in order to play them. However, while this is mostly the case, the fact you can add the air combat into ANY scenario from Memoir '44 completely mitigates this concern. It has been designed in such a way to allow this to happen. So, while the 21 new scenarios have a focus on air combat, you actually open up a whole new treasure trove of scenarios, as adding the plans in can certainly change the tides of war.

Final Thoughts on New Flight Plan

Overall, New Flight Plan definitely adds a nice new dimension to an already fantastic war game. It's not revolutionary, however it does its best to switch up player's strategies and to keep the game fresh.

While the price tag is on the higher end of scale, the miniatures included justify the cost. In fact, you get 21 brand-new scenarios, so you do get a fair amount of content for your money!

Memoir '44 - New Flight Plan Review Rating - 85%

You Might Like
• Can be used in ANY Memoir 44 scenario.
• The fantastic miniatures.
• Loads of new content in terms of scenarios.

You Might Not Like
• You will need other expansions to utilise all the scenarios.
• Quite pricey for an expansion.
• Implementation of the expansion can be confusing at first.

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