Disney Villainous Filled with Fright Expansion

Disney Villainous Filled with Fright Expansion

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In Disney Villainous: Filled with Fright, one player takes on the role of Oogie Boogie from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas and attempts to dethrone Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King.

Note that this is a single character expansion and must be combined with a Disney Villainous standalone game.

Disney Villainous is a 2-6 player competitive game in which you get to play as the bad guy! Working on your own nefarious plot, you’ll aim to complete an objective befitting your choice of Villain. Today; we’re reviewing the latest expansion, Filled with Fright.

What a Halloween treat!

Filled with Fright is the latest expansion of Disney Villainous, an amazing game with infinite re-playabilty and where you don’t feel bad for being a bit naughty.

Anyone that loves Disney Villainous will absolutely adore this expansion too… Seriously the game is great!

Unfortunately, as this is not a stand alone expansion you will need either the main game or another expansion to be able to play.

Filled with Fright

Oogie Boogie’s objective is to defeat Jack Skellington and it has a unique playability just like the other Villainous characters.

To be able to achieve your objective Oogie Boogie will have to successfully remove 4 Impostor Sandy Claws cards from his deck and place them in a pile next to Sandy Claws, then remove Sandy Claws from the game, find Jack Skellington and place him in Oogie Boogie’s lair to eventually vanquish him.

As the Boogie man likes to sing “the sound of rolling dice to me is music in the air” as a little extra you get a pair of dice which is an identical reproduction of the ones in the movie and exclusive to his character. The gambling element is quite heavy in this expansion but you get a Cheat card because of course you are a baddie!

Let’s get into the thick of it….

“Although I don’t play fair, is much more fun….”

Game play is just like any other Villainous game, you take it in turns to move your character and perform between one to four actions that are available in your space. These include: Play a card, Discard a card, Move a card, Collect X Power, Fate and Vanquish.

When setting your board find Sandy Claws and place it on top of the Oogie Boogie’s lair, then play as usual.

Some cards will require you to roll the dice, which is a fun added element to the game, but get ready to be frustrated if you don’t have a Cheat card in your hand or if a fate card hits you with a “reduce your roll by 2”.

The art work is spot on as always and the quality of the components is top notch, although I have to say I was disappointed to find out that the Oogie Boogie piece did not glow in the dark.

Final thoughts

Ok then, where’s the catch? Only one villain!!! After we got used to 3 characters for each expansion, only one character for £20 feels a bit cheeky, especially considering all the amazing villains Disney and Pixar have up their sleeves!

As we mentioned already, is another beautifully made game expansion and the added element of the dice is a twist that we haven’t seen before in the other Disney Villainous expansions but we wouldn’t recommend to buy this as a first expansion of the game as this character is slightly more difficult to play and can get quite frustrating with the luck based dice rolling.

Also some of the allies (Spider and Bats) feel a bit lazy as they are somewhat repetitive and only seen for 1 second in the movie. As for the Fate cards we’ve got nothing to negative to say, they are spot on and very annoying when they get in your way by reducing the number you roll with your dice.

All in all Disney Villainous has done it again, take our money and once again we’ll keep speculating (or wishing) for who is going to be in the next expansion.