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Primaris Ancient Review

primaris ancient

Your forces are loosing face, they need someone to come back and give them the courage to fight on to the last man, here comes the Primaris Ancient.


Games Workshop have done a great job as always by creating an incredible model with a variety of creative options, do you want the model to have his helmet on or not, do you want him wielding a sword or rifle, have it however you wish. The kit also has an easy to follow guide that means you can create this model in a quick amount of time. As there are options you will also have spare parts that could be used for some cool features for this model or others.


As this kit is a space marine model there are many different ways you can paint this, you can even make up your own colour scheme and whichever you do it will have a unique effect on how this model will play. I painted mine to fit into a successor chapter of the ultramarines, the Emperor's Spears. To paint him this way I followed these painting steps:

  • The Fang - covering the entire model
  • Leadbelcher - focusing on any metallic elements
  • Mournfang brown - all the brown parts of the model
  • Screamer pink - the wax seals and sword hilt
  • Nuln oil - shading the whole model
  • Corax white - covering all white elements of the model and the head
  • Abaddon black - all black elements of the model
  • Rakarth flesh - all flowing sheets and skull
  • Retributor gold - all gold elements on the model
  • Agrax earthshade - covering all the rakarth flesh areas
  • Nuln oil(thinned down with some water) - covering all white areas except the face
  • Reikland fleshshade - covering the face and all gold areas


The primaris ancient is a great supportive role in warhammer 40k for the space marines, he is best used at the centre of the battlefield giving support to as many of his brothers as possible. He comes with some unique rules that allow him to help his brothers stay in the fight and continue to deal damage. His banner gives him an ability that has two effects, the first he can improve all his allies ability to stay in the fight by increasing the leadership factor of those within range of him, the second allows defeated allied units to stay in the battle to deal any more damage before the end of the round when they are removed.

These two can have a massive effect in keeping allied units in battle for longer than usual allowing them to fight further on and take more of their opponents out before dying. Along with this the ancient himself is equipped with a standard bolt rifle that can allow him to aid fire support to his brothers foes.

Overall the primaris ancient is a great addition to any space marine army to help support them into their path to victory. Bring this figure into your army and let him help his brothers fight this endless war and come out of many campaigns in glorious victory for the emperor.