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NEWS: Warhammer New Releases


Chilling Depths And Tiny Reinforcements

Another week brings another set of pre-orders for Games Workshop. Some aren’t as high profile as others, but they are all exciting to somebody out there. This week we have some rather interesting things popping up.


Something chilly this way comes…Wintermaw. The next core set for Warhammer Underworlds is now available for pre-order. Deep beneath the continent of Bjarl lays the Wintermaw, filled to the brim with both treasure and rimewrym eggs. It’s clear you’ll want to run into one over the others. The new set contains two new warbands, Brethren of the Bolt, franatical Sigmar worshippers who can channel lightning through themselves, and Skinnerkyn, twisted butchers of the flesh-eater courts who are simply looking for some fresh meat to replenish their pantries. Whichever takes your fancy you’re bound to have a great time. As usual, this new set is compatible with previous warbands/sets, and each warband comes with their own rivals deck, which is the easiest way to get into the game. Underworlds is a great game that plays in quick sessions, so it’s something I always recommend.

Legions Imperialis Reinforcements

Who loves tiny tanks? WE DO! Yes, more Legions Imperialis reinforcement are on their way to us, proving that Games Workshop aren’t holding anything back when it comes to new releases for this game. With the stock issues now…better…maybe we’ll see this flourish. The new units are:

Medusa and Basilisk Batteries - For raining death upon foes you can’t even see.

Land Raider Proteus Explorator Squadron - Old fashioned versions of the classic 40k Land Raider, these will get your troops to where they need to go, and blast apart a few enemies on the way.

Legiones Astartes Drop Pods - Death from above!

Solar Auxilia Arvus Lighter - Favourites flyer of the Solar Auxilia, these are truly a classic design.

Warhound Titans with Ursus Claws and Melta Lances - Good old Warhounds, this time with some nasty claws and melta lances.

Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans - Someone decided it would be fun to strap the biggest gun they could find to some scout titans….I mean…they weren’t wrong.

It’s worth noting that both the new titan boxes released can also be used in Adeptus Titanicus, and come with all the required material to do so.