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NEWS: Point City Announced

point city

What’s better than a healthy gaming portion of the brilliant card game, Point Salad? A big ol’ chunk of Point City, that’s what!

Oh yes, the game that epitomises the notion of multiple paths to VPS has a sequel coming in 2023! The terrific trio of designers, Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, and Shawn Stankewich (of Verdant, TEN and more), have teamed up with artist Dylan Mangini once more. And everything about this little blue box is making me smile.

If you haven’t played Point Salad before, it’s a charmingly cheerful set collecting card game about amassing 6 types of veggies (tomatoes being a fruit – the pedant in me must separate!). Each card can either be used as part of a set, or as a scoring objective. Some objectives have positive and negative effects. And cards can only be used as one thing or the other. So, Point Salad is a game all about balancing the sweet with the sour!

In Point City, the set v score dilemma returns. But this time there are over 150 unique building cards! Plus, instead of having a free pick of two cards from the salad bar, drafting is now subject to a sneaky adjacency rule. Not only that, but certain buildings will need specific combinations of resources and bonuses to get constructed. Want that coffee shop in your city? Well, friend, you are going to need community and ecology! But your opponents need some for the quarry and the amusement park…….cue a super fun, easy to learn, quick to play, card drafting, engine building, set collector that will have everybody’s inner urban planner firing on all cylinders!

Release date details aren’t available yet as it is going to Kickstarter at some point this year. Guaranteed to fund, there’s no doubt in my mind that that we will be seeing Point City cities developing across tabletops in due course. And whilst it might normally be intimidating for designers to follow up a simple but sparkling hit like Point Salad, the golden touch of these three continues apace. And with it, Flatout Games will have a slam dunk on their hands in Point City!