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News: New Kroot Miniatures


Warhammer has revealed that the Kroot are finally getting a whole host of new and updated miniatures, including a Hunting Pack army set rumoured to release in the Spring. So, who are the Kroot? Read on to find out more about this fascinating species of Xenos.

Physical Appearance

Kroot have avian-like features, such as wide beaks and a very light bone structure. Their rough skin is commonly green or brown but can vary dramatically depending on what they eat. Small patches of barbed spines protrude from the flesh on their limbs and a crest of long quills stick out of the back of their heads. Kroot are tall and wiry, yet powerful. They move with a bounding gait across the ground and can also quickly leap from tree to tree in a forest. They wear rather primitive clothing, including leather harnesses, accessories made from teeth and bones, and handcrafted metal bands. Kroot have also been known to paint tribal markings in various colours on their skin.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The Kroot’s homeworld, Pech, is located within the Ultima Segmentum, near to the T’au Empire. The largest continent on Pech is covered in forests, where the Kroot live in groups called ‘kindreds’, which are led by wise elders known as ‘Shapers’. They build their homes high up in the branches using animal hides and regurgitated wood pulp. As these materials have been previously consumed, Kroot are able to create a bond with their hives, allowing them to work as a single entity if they come under attack.


The T’au were the first to encounter the Kroot, when their long-ranged scans discovered Ork warships shooting at Kroot Warspheres. The outnumbered Kroot were attempting to defend their enclave on the planet Krath, and the T’au intervened to support them. This led to ‘The War in the Place of Union’, where the two fought together and ultimately triumphed over the Orks. Afterwards, the T’au helped liberate a number of other Kroot enclaves. Consequently, the Kroot leader swore allegiance to the T’au Empire and pledged his warriors to fight for the Greater Good.

You Are What You Eat

Kroot Shapers are skilled at recognising desirable biological traits in defeated foes. They instruct their kindred to eat certain species in order to evolve different characteristics. For example, eating the flesh of dead Orks would cause the Kroot to become larger and stronger, while eating flying creatures would lead them to develop wings.

Their efficient digestive system can break down organic material into energy, which is stored in specialized organs called ‘nymunes’. Kroot believe that eating the flesh of a warrior ensures that their spirit remains intact and this practice can be observed in their own burial rituals. Contrary to common belief, Kroot will not just eat every type of meat and are in fact rather picky eaters. They gain certain insights from what they consume, such as memories and language skills.


There are several types of Kroot that are part of the same constantly evolving race. The powerful and fast Kroothawk is a raptor, originating from Pech and revered by the Kroot.

Krootox are large, ape-like creatures that are often used for transport or mobile heavy artillery. They are the result of a diet consisting mainly of simple-minded beasts and they have lost the ability to gain insights from the flesh they eat.

Kroot Hounds are a mix of avian and canine, able to move fast in packs. They make very effective trackers and guards.

The Knarloc is even larger than a Krootox and even more dim-witted as well. They are utilized as mobile weapons platforms and can carry heavy loads. The smaller Knarlocs are ridden into battle as they are capable of attacking at speed over difficult terrain.

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