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NEWS: Marvel Dice Throne X-Men Announced

dice throne x-men
dice throne x-men

The latest Dice Throne news from Roxley Games has been announced and it is time to add more superheroes to your roster in the form of the X-Men.

Back in 2018 Season One was released followed in quick succession with Season Two. 8 characters in each Season and all playable against each other. There has been Dice Throne Adventures (the coop campaign variant) and Marvel Dice Throne in 2022. Now it seems more Marvel Characters are coming to the very popular (and successful) Yahtzee style battle game. What started off as a one vs one battler has turned into a hugely popular product range, with outstanding production quality, great gameplay and multiple ways to play the game from 2vs2, 3vs3, 2vs2vs2, free for all and cooperative play. Dice Throne in its many forms has wide appeal and is a very fun game to play. You can even play as Santa vs Krampus for some festive Dice Throne battling.

Roxley recently announced a new Kickstarter for Dice Throne X-Men. The full list of playable characters has not been fully revealed. Wolverine and Psylocke are the only two characters announced (to date) but these are some very popular names in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine is going to be awesome to play and I can’t wait to roll them Roxley dice searching for my claws. Psylocke looks equally cool with some amazing abilities. I am excited for more news and the announcements of new characters, coupled with the outstanding product quality that Roxley are known for and this is sure to be a monster Kickstarter.

Dice Throne X-Men will also introduce “Missions”, a brand new cooperative experience. There is not much information known about these, but, to me, these sound like stand-alone one-off missions with possible various objectives or scenarios that you have to complete, this is all conjecture on my part but could be possible. Either way more information is undoubtedly on its way as they build the hype and the anticipation for their Kickstarter which is launching October 17th 2023.

In the meantime, check out our website for all things Dice Throne currently released including Dice Throne Season 1, Season 2 and Marvel Dice Throne boxes.