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NEWS: Keyforge Master Vault Migration

keyforge master vault migration
keyforge master vault migration

If you’re anything like me, for a while now you’ve been eagerly following Keyforge’s journey from its roots at Fantasy Flight to its new home at Ghost Galaxy. At every step Ghost Galaxy have nailed the landing, keeping us informed on what’s going on, launching a very successful kickstarter campaign, even running a Keyforge celebration event which by all accounts went very well.

Now they have announced the next step in the journey, and it’s a big one. No they haven’t started shipping the kickstarter, that’s too big, but this is a step down from that. They have announced that the Keyforge Master Vault will finally be migrating from Asmodee/Fantasy Flight to Ghost Galaxy. This is happening on the 25th January, so there isn’t long to wait. So what do we, as users, need to know? Well first off, it’ll be down for several hours during the migration, no surprise there, but more crucially, you’ll have to create a new Ghost Galaxy account to access your data. This should be a straightforward process, but make sure you use the same email address to avoid data loss.

The New Master Vault

So we’re getting a new Master Vault built by Ghost Galaxy with all the mod-cons right? Well…not quite. It looks like the goal here is primarily to safely get all our data transferred over to Ghost Galaxy and for us to have an interface to look at our current decks and register new ones. They’ve decided to remove the Android and iOS apps in favour of the web interface, but have made sure you can scan the deck QR codes on the web.* Home and Explore have been merged into one page, you can search for decks but most if not all the other filter options have been removed, and it no longer shows keys…but that was essentially just your Ambershards divided by 18, so is it really a loss? Speaking of Ambershards, they are staying and there will be more announced around them at a later date.

So all in all we’re definitely heading in the right direction here. Sure we’ve lost some functionality, but it also gives Ghost Galaxy a stable migrated platform on which to build, and in a way that makes sense to the reborn game. I for one am looking forward to hearing what happens next! This was our news post on Keyforge Master Vault Migration!

*For those with Keyforge Celebration decks, you won’t be able to register them yet, you’ll have to wait a little while longer after the migration.