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NEWS: Firefight Version 2 Starter Set

firefight new starter set
You know there’s a UK company based in Nottingham that produces 28mm miniatures for wargaming in a sci-fi distopian world in the far future, right?

Yes, that’s, Mantic Games with their Warpath Universe and the skirmish level DeadZone and the squad-based Firefight. Well last year Firefight gained the title “Best Miniature Wargame of 2022” at the OnTableTop Industry Awards and version 2.0 of the Firefight rules was launched.

The aims were: Fast Gameplay with games lasting an hour or two via innovative rules for measurement and movement. Tactical with the use of Command Points to unleash special abilities on the fly and Fun with the emphasis on quick easy-to-learn rules. (These can be downloaded for free from the Mantic Games website)

With these you can fight wargames of 40-50 models a side of one of the 7 different factions in a future where capitalism has run riot and the galaxy is squeezed by giant corporations collected together as the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere (GCPS). This was launched with an excellent value starter set of 71 miniatures of the Orc like Marauders versus the so-called Peacekeeper Enforcers plus the full rules, force lists D8 dice, command dice and easy starter guide.

So, what’s new? Well this August sees the scheduled release of an update to the rules and a new 2-player Starter set. This looks to be similar to the already released set but with the factions being the Dwarf-like Forge Fathers (or sturdy folk as they are more euphemistically described) and the rat-like Veer-Myn.

Also August should see new vehicles for: Enforcers, Mazon Labs, GCPS, Marauders and The Plague. The Asterians and the aforementioned Forge Fathers and Veer-Myn will get their new vehicles in September where there will be an update to theMantic Companion app that helps produce army lists etc.

With new terrain scheduled for November and other unspecified releases at Christmas it is an exciting time for fans of the Warpath Universe.