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Minas Tirith Warriors Review

Minas Tirith


There is not much construction involved with the Minas Tirith warriors as they are mostly all together from the sprue with only a few needing an extra piece added in, and these extra pieces are usually needed due to what would be a protruding element of the model. This makes them quick and easy to assemble and ultimately easier to get painted sooner than when you would usually have to wait and let a model dry.


Minas Tirith warriors were for the most part easy to paint with the hardest element being the detail on the shields for these models, that last step is best taken with extra care and best done with careful dabs instead of brush strokes. The paint that I used for these models is as followed:

  • Leadbelcher - entire model
  • Abbadon black - undergarment aspects of the model, the gloves and centre of the shield
  • Mournfang brown - hilt and belt detail, bows and spears for relevant models
  • Nuln oil shade - over the entire model to give it all detail and make the surfaces stand out
  • XV-88 - bows feather details
  • Agrax earthshade - going over the bows feathers to give them detail and make them standout
  • Retributor armour - covering the gold details of the sword hilt and crossguard
  • Corax white - covering the face and carefully the small details of the shield
  • Reikland fleshshade - covering the white of the face to create a flesh look and covering the retributor armour of the sword details


Taking the soldiers into battle is a fun way for you to form the basics of an army for the game of middle earth strategy battle game, they are easy to bring into the game and are cheap enough in the costs of the game making it so that you can form a massive force to fend off against his foes. A box of Minas Tirith warriors provides the best starting number for an army sent from the city with the white tree, as you will get a variety of different posing models of the three different weapon types they can bring. As they can wield one of the following, a sword, a spear or a bow each bringing their own advantages to the battle each being encouraged within the fight. Your bows will help you reach far into the distance with your shots, your spears allowing you to fend off foes even while trapped in a crowd and the swords the best weapon for close quarters. These guys may not stand out in a crowd but together they can form a fierce crowd that you will not want to face off against.

Overall this small squad of soldiers is great for any good players for middle earth strategy battle game and the easiest way into a brighter future against the forces of evil.