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Magic The Gathering Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Preview


The sound of hurried footsteps… a heated exchange… a blood-curdling scream heard throughout the Manor… Guildmage Boddy is dead, slain by one of his six invited guests. As one of Ravnica’s finest detectives, it is your job to gather the clues and investigate the evidence in order to crack the case, before your rival sleuths can beat you to it. Or instead, you could just put an end to their investigations… permanently…

Who, What, Where, When, Why?!

Wizards of the Coast have brought Magic back to the plane of Ravnica, but not without a little help from some friends! To celebrate the diamond jubilee (that's 75 years!!) of everyone’s favourite whodunnit board game, on 23rd February 2024, Wizards are releasing Ravnica: Cluedo Edition, the ultimate crossover between the Magic the Gathering TCG we all know and love, and the mystery and suspense of Cluedo!

What’s In The Box?

Ravnica: Cluedo Edition is a self-contained set for 3 to 4 players, with everything you need to play inside the box! This special edition of MTG beautifully weaves the core concepts of Cluedo with the gameplay and strategy of Magic The Gathering, for a ready-to-play experience. Looking inside the box, our investigations have shown that you’ll find:

• 8 Ravnica: Cluedo Edition booster packs (each containing half a deck, similar to the Jumpstart boosters)

• 21 Evidence Cards (characters, weapons and rooms, all inspired by Cluedo)

• 4 Hidden Information Screens (to shield your evidence from prying eyes!)

• 1 Evidence Notepad (to allow the detectives to keep track of the evidence they’ve gathered)

• 1 Case File Envelope (the only place you’ll find the answer to the murder mystery!)

• 1 Card Storage Box (somewhere to keep all your gorgeous new cards, I mean - important evidence - safe!)

Each booster pack contains a selection of 8 of the possible 20 half decks. To play, just take two boosters at random, shuffle them together, and you have your deck ready to go!

Players start with 30 life. The Evidence cards are shuffled face down into three piles - suspects, weapons and rooms. Lift the top card from each of the three piles and place them into the Case File Envelope. The remaining evidence cards are then dealt out randomly to each player, and kept separately from their deck, behind their individual Hidden Information Screen. It’s now time to start sleuthing…

A player wins the game by either correctly making an accusation (in true Cluedo style) or, by being the last player standing (in true Magic The Gathering style)!

The Usual Suspects

A game of Cluedo wouldn’t be complete without it's cast of unsuspecting invitees, but for Ravnica: Cluedo Edition, they have been given a somewhat Magical twist…

• Apothecary White (3)(W) a 3/4 Legendary Human Cleric who cares about making food tokens for a swarm the board creature token pay-off!

• Senator Peacock (3)(UU) a 3/4 Legendary Human Advisor who cares about artifacts and sweet, sweet card draw!

• Mastermind Plum (2)(B) a 2/2 Legendary Human Wizard who wants to exile artifacts from graveyards, creating treasures in return!

• Headliner Scarlett (3)(R) a 3/3 Human Warlock who wants to distract your opponents’ creatures as she enters the battlefield, and let you cast cards from exile!

• Emissary Green (4)(G) a 3/3 Human Advisor who wants to profit from table politics, and secure your win by growing your creatures!

• Commander Mustard (3)(R)(W) a mighty 5/5 Human Soldier, who will command your soldier army by making them vigilant, powerful and fast!

Whilst these new Legendary creature cards are exciting, they unfortunately cannot be played as part of your deck in the Ravnica: Cluedo Edition (as they are in evidence after all!) however, they can be played outside of this special edition set… I know of a few of my EDH decks which would welcome the addition of a few of these cards, how about you??

Case Closed…?

At first glance, I must admit that I was somewhat dubious of this special edition set. All signs pointed to “yet another gimmick” and a way for an established corporation to make a fist full of cash. But, after careful inspection and dusting off the prints, I feel that I may have been caught up by a red herring! With a wealth of new cards, returning mechanics and some gorgeous Cluedo-inspired full art legendary creatures, I think it’s safe to say that the evidence confirms that this will be a fun twist on two much loved games! All that's left for me to do now is put on my trench coat, straighten up my deerstalker and clean up my magnifying glass, ready for release day on February 23rd!