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LEGO x Fortnite Review

LEGO Fortnite
LEGO Fortnite

Hearing the news that LEGO was entering a new realm with this collaboration was pretty mind-blowing. Something I don't think many of us expected. To me, it feels like Minecraft x Fortnite x LEGO. And that is one of the best combinations I have never thought of happening before. Picture this – a survival game tucked inside Fortnite, complete with free persistent servers where you and your buddies can unleash your creativity and conquer challenges together. I think this ticks boxes for many.

At first, I brushed off the news of Epic teaming up with LEGO for a new survival mode like it was just another line of Funko Pops, like yeah it's exciting, but will it really be THAT good? But hold on, because after diving into the action, I can confidently say it's a gaming experience beyond our wildest expectations – and yes, it's absolutely free, just like Fortnite!

Here's another scene for you to dive into with this new adventure of LEGO Fortnite, so imagine this: You're in a world teeming with adventure, reminiscent of Minecraft but with its own (VERY) unique twist. Punch trees, gather resources, build crafting stations, and fend off nocturnal creatures. And let me tell you, this survival game is not your run-of-the-mill launch – it's polished, refined, and seriously fun. I will always stick to what I believe in, whether it's in Minecraft, LEGO Fortnite, ANYTHING. I will NOT kill any animals. Maybe the chickens every now and then but they levelled up in cuteness which makes it a lot harder to want to break down for food...

Are There Any Issues Though?

Sure, we've got a couple of nitpicks, like not being able to chow down on your pretty yummy looking snacks straight from the inventory menu. Oh, and following on from this, when you're trying to bash down a tree and you just start gnawing on the raspberries it took you 40 seconds to grab. And building surfaces can be more than a bit of a puzzle. But hey, who cares when you're out there, whacking trees and erecting shacks with pure intuition and satisfaction?

Combat is a blast, with straightforward sword-and-board action that's both fluid and responsive. The first 'night' I spent in LEGO Fortnite was scary. I had some huge bear-looking, dog/wolf-looking creature attacking me, but thankfully my cuddle team member was there to fight him away. Poor thing was probably lonely. Smacking rocks with a pickaxe? The sound is pure satisfaction, especially in a headset. And let's not forget the stunning unreal lighting and scene setting – it's as mesmerizing as a sunset over a landscape of plastic bricks.

In Need Of A Surprise?

Here's a delightful surprise – you can pick up massive boulders and toss them around, wreaking havoc on your creations. I was shocked when I found out too, but it is definitely in my Top 3 of my first 24 hours of LGO Fortnite. Not quite Breath of the Wild physics, but it adds a layer of fun we didn't expect. This isn't just a one-day wonder – it feels like there's a whole world of possibilities beyond the novelty. I am really excited to spend my evenings building the best world I can and learning new secrets about LEGO Fortnite.

As for the tech tree depth and world size, we're still unravelling those mysteries. Twitch is buzzing with streamers exploring biomes we haven't even stumbled upon, boasting loot like shields, crossbows, and food with elemental resistances. And trust me, the thrill of stumbling upon unexpected wonders, like a rainbow fairy leading you to treasure, is something else.

Now, let's talk about LEGO Fortnite's server system. It's a game-changer! Spin up a server in a heartbeat, invite friends, and create your own persistent world. Friends can craft and build alongside you, and here's the kicker – if the host leaves, they can still play on your server with a "world key." And the best part? Setting up persistent worlds is absolutely free for millions of players!

If you're not already a Fortnite fanatic, you can join the Lego Fortnite extravaganza by installing Fortnite on the Epic Games Store and selecting Lego Fortnite from the main menu. Oh, and a heads up for newbies – to stand out in the crowd, customize your character with one of the 1,000+ outfits available or snag a new one with some V-bucks.

Lego Fortnite is calling, and it's time to build, survive, and conquer! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves Fortnite, LEGO or Minecraft. Or even better if you like them all. For a free game, I don't know why everyone wouldn't have this downloaded (aside from those storage pace issues...).