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Leagues Of Votann Combat Patrol Second Opinion

Leagues of Votann

Who Are The Leagues Of Votann?

Dwarves in space! The Leagues of Votann are an alliance of stout and robust Abhuman clones known as “Kin.” These individuals, though occasionally derogatorily labelled as “Squats” are an advanced star-faring race thriving amidst the extreme conditions of resource-rich worlds within the galactic core.

Within the Leagues, the Kin are organised into clans known as “Kindreds”. They are overseen by self-aware machine intelligences known as Votann or “Ancestor Cores.” The Kin hold the Votann in reverence, and upon their demise, every Kin and Ironkin has their cerebral data uploaded into their respective Kindred’s Votann - an almost mystical practice known as “returning to the Ancestors.”

The Votann Leagues constitute vast and formidable stellar empires, bound by a shared history, genetic lineage, and culture. With the advent of the Great Rift causing turbulence throughout the galactic core and beyond, they find themselves increasingly in conflict with other star-faring races.

What’s In The Box?

Ûthar The Destined (which can be built as a Kâhl instead) upholds the honour of the Ancestors. Five Cthonian Berserks (including one with a mole grenade launcher and 2x mole grenade models). Three Hernkyn Pioneers tick the vehicle box and allow for some fast moving attacks. Ten Hearthkyn Warriors finish off the squad for some nice ranged combat. You’ll also get a Leagues of Votann Transfer Sheet, containing 555 transfers to decorate your soldiers with.

I’ve got to be careful what I say here as there are a few Votann fans in the Zatu group... these knee-high Space Marine wannabes... I’m joking! This is a well balanced Combat Patrol, but the box only offers a glimpse of what the Votann have. Looking at the other models in the Votann range, such as the Brôkhyr Thunderkyn or the Sagitaur will give you a better idea of the Votann aesthetic and help you decide if this is the army for you.

Are They Difficult To Paint?

The Leagues of Votann are fun to paint. They’re a solid mix of Space Marines, due to their power armour, and the T’au Empire with the striking colour scheme and use of flat panels.

The Hernkyn Pioneer vehicles have plenty of detail for you to flex your skills, but not too intricate that you feel intimidated or overwhelmed.

There are a fair few troops without helmets, that will pose the usual challenge of painting faces. But these guys come with facial hair, which will give you an additional challenge when it comes to highlighting. But for me, it felts easier to paint a beard than a smooth chin, plus highlighting stage is simpler and instantly effective.