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News Round Up: Japan rules the Magic World

Japan rule the Magic World

There’s classic Games Workshop news this week, with a history book and WHFB going back to its roots, as well as Chaosium developments and Japan ruling the Magic World!

Japan has the best Magic the Gathering Players: Fact

Japan have won the Magic the Gathering World Cup, which was held in France. 73 teams drawn from across the world represented their home nations in the contest which saw Japan beat Poland in the final. If you’re wondering what that means in terms of prizes, it’s three snazzy trophies and $15,000, which might cover all the new cards which come out in 2018. Possibly.

Germany came third, followed by Italy and Wales. If you’re interested, you qualify by doing well in your national Magic tournament.

Come join the Yummy World

No, we’re not gone insane, we’re talking about the new game from Phil Walker-Harding, the man behind Sushi Go! He’s staying in the wacky world of food and ramping things up with what could be a perfect gateway game for younger players with Yummy World: Party at Picnic Palace.

This set collection game boasts cartoon artwork, characters called thing like Pauly Pickle (because it’s literally a pickle) and a general air of happy insanity. Even better, it’s out right now.

Kingdomino’s new expansion brings on the giants

Kingdomino is, ultimately, a fantasy game, which means there’s plenty of room for some genre add-ons and the first expansion to the game brings giants into play. Age of Giants sees you controlling and cajoling Giants to go and cause chaos, and a reference to crushing buildings might mean it ties into Queendomino too.

The Age of Giants box will also allow for five players and provide new royal challenges to vary and increase how you gain points. Release date is next year, sometime.


Cubicle 7 and Chaosium end working relationship

Cubicle 7 have done an awful lot with their Call of Cthulhu licence, including bringing Cthulhu to Britain and war. However, both parties have announced that the licence will be allowed to run out at the end of the year and will not be renewed. They also both said this is a mutual agreement with no hard feelings, and wished each other well.

One final note: Cubicle 7 will be having a sale on all the stock, so keep an eye out! But speaking of Chaosium…

Call of Cthulhu’s creator releases new scenarios

Sandy Peterson created Call of Cthulhu, the legendary role-playing game, and his convention games are almost as famous. Now he’s pulled together five of his ‘live’ scenarios into book form (aided by Chaosium’s Mike Mason), and the result is ‘Peterson’s Abominations’. Topics include drugs and gang culture, because everything is set in the modern day. A paper book will be out in 2018, but the PDF comes immediately.

Dice Men: A History of Games Workshop from 1975 to 1985

Jamie Thomson is crowdfunding ‘Dice Men: Games Workshop 1975 to 1985’, which in the finest Ronseal tradition is a history of the company which changed British gaming: the early years. What’s great about this is that Thomson is working with GW founders Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone so we’re promised real insight into how they started in the back of a van, and the hardback volume will have scans of White Dwarf forerunner Owl and Weasel, among others.

It’s thirty pounds plus shipping and the campaign is being run in dedicated book crowdfunder Unbound.

WFRP delayed into mid 2018

Cubicle 7’s fourth edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was due to appear before the end of 2017, but you’ve probably guessed that isn’t happening as we’ve run out of time. Now Cubicle 7 have explained what was originally going to be a tweaking process has turned into a major rewrite, with them “seeing more opportunities to add in some of the things we’ve learned over the years. This more creative direction meant a longer development phase.”

A new date is yet to be announced, but probably mid-2018. The good news is Games Workshop are still on board and Cubicle are fans of the classic first and second editions of the system.