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Hernkyn Pioneers Leagues Of Votann Review

hernkyn pioneers

How else will you travel across the different plains of the many worlds in the Warhammer 40k universe than the Hernkyn Pioneers. Here comes a new great model to add to one of the newest armies in the game, they will weave around the field while their bulking brothers will storm closer to their prey.


Like all game workshop sets the Hernkyn Pioneers have a very easy to understand guide that will help you build all three of the models inside the box. I built all of mine for the most part but left their steering hands separate so it would be easier to paint and get good details on the models.


Painting the Hernkyn Pioneers was an interesting journey, as I mentioned before I left the steering hands separate so that it would be easy to paint the model to great detail. Bringing out the detail on these models helped them come to life and become a strong presence on the battlefield. After I had gone through painting the main body of the models I attached the steering hands to the model so that I could then finish painting the model and having it ready for battle.

For the models I used these paints in this orders:

  • Abbadon black - covering the entire models
  • Sons of Horus green - painting the vehicle and riders armour
  • Leadbelcher - all the silver elements
  • Mournfang brown - the outerside of the cloaks and brown elements on the model
  • Dryard bark - darker brown elements like leather straps
  • Screamer pink - handle grips
  • Mephiston red - minor details to create a red glow effect
  • Nuln oil - coating all elements except sons of horus green
  • Rakarth flesh - inside of the cloaks
  • Runelord brass - extra details on metallic elements on the model
  • Agrax earthshade - covering the inside of the cloaks and the brass details
  • Corax white - covering the face
  • Reikland fleshade - making the face seem like a face


The Hernkyn Pioneers are great to play in the game, but come with an element of mastery. In an exchange for speedy vehicles the Pioneers have less armour to protect them from the dangers in the 40k universe, but they make up for it with the damage that they can deal out to their foes. One of my Pioneers was built with the HYLas rotary cannon which can deal a lot of damage to your foes and truly makes you feel powerful on the battlefield.

This combo of great weapons but weak armour truly sets the tone of who the Pioneers are and how they work in the game. They like to dart around the battlefield and damage their opponents quickly while their teammates will get up into the action and deal the finishing blow.


These models are a joy to construct, paint and play, games workshop have done it again and created models worth buying for warhammer. If you are looking for some fun new models to play in Warhammer 40k get yourself some Hernkyn Pioneers and let them dart round your battlefields eliminating their foes.

That concludes our thoughts on Hernkyn Pioneers. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts and tag us on social media @zatugames. To buy Hernkyn Pioneers today click here!