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Genestealer Cults Combat Patrol Review

Genestealer Cults (1
Image rights to Games Workshop

Who Are The Genestealer Cult?

Genestealers make their way through the galaxy to infiltrate Imperium planets, taking control of the minds and bodies of the populous to create mindless cults... just like the Kardashians.

These Genestealer Cults can take generations to fully integrate themselves into a population. But during this time they will have cut off lines of communication to the rest of the Imperium, destroyed supply lines, assassinated key figures that stand in their way and ensured all possibilities of escape have been removed. Once this is complete the cultists will begin their attack to prepare the way for their masters, who they foolishly believe are the saviours of the galaxy - the Tyranids. When in actuality the cultists will become nothing more than food and biomass for the approaching swarm. Once again, just like the Kardashians.

What’s In The box?

A psychic Magus controls these abominations. Five Aberrants and five Acolyte Hybrids (which can be built as Hybrid Metamorphs) bring speed and ferocity to battle. The 20 Neophyte Hybrids are on hand to overwhelm your opponent (and your tolerance for painting). And a Goliath Rockgrinder (which can be built as a Goliath Truck) is the vehicle of choice.

At 32 models this is one of the most packed Combat Patrols available. It gives you a great feel for just how many units you’ll need to build out a full 2000 point army (this box, like the others, hits the 500 point mark). This is a very imposing box and army. Seeing them on the battlefield is a sight to behold, matched only by the Tyranids.

Are They Difficult To Paint?

This group is a test of endurance due to the amount of detail as well as the sheer number of them. Think Chaos Space Marine levels of detail, but skinnier and, in some cases, with extra arms. There also aren’t as many figures with helmets, so you’ll be dealing with several faces. Luckily (for you, not them) many of the troops are in various stages of mutation so sticking to realistic flesh tones isn’t a necessity.

The vehicle on the otherhand is a nice mix. They have detail similar to Space Marine tanks, but can be messy like a good old Ork Truck. With the majority of Genestealer Cults using mining vehicles you can have fun adding mud, rust and battle damage all over them, which is a nice change of pace from the painstaking detail the troops require.