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GenCon 2022 News: Steamforged Releases

GenCon 2022 News Steamforged Releases

GenCon is in full swing and news, hype and information is coming in hot and fast! There are more than 60,000 in attendance over the event and board games galore for folk to check out. My focus here is on SteamForged’s news. During this event, they’ve made three big announcements which have got both myself and the community excited!

First off, they’ve said they’re producing a brand new Dark Souls The Board Game core set, Tomb Of The Giants. There haven’t been any new contents announced for this behemoth of a game since 2017, so the possibility of new miniatures and expansions has me on the edge of my seat. With this, SteamForged have stated that this will include a revised rule book and a campaign – something the community have been wanting since the game’s launch. This new core set is backwards compatible with existing Dark Souls content and has been created with clear community involvement.

Second of all, Rivet Wars! This franchise from 2014 has been acquired by the company including all existing assets and published content. Rivet Wars, a head to head miniatures strategy board game, has been out of print for a while now and so this will have fans of the franchise more than hyped up! SteamForged have said they want to “take the game in an exciting and unique direction”, aiming to cater for existing and new fans alike.

Finally, they previewed the miniatures for the upcoming fulfilment of Adventures & Academia: First Class. These are 5e compatible roleplaying characters that come with pre-made character sheets so you can jump straight into a campaign. These models boast diversity and a strong link to magics and academia. There’s a lot of depth to these miniature creations: each come from a particular house and has a distinctive look, telling of their personalities and skills in the field. SteamForged always knock it out of the park with their models, but these take it one step further!