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Dead Cells Review

Dead Cells (1)

Dead Cells is, first and foremost, a game about dying. Alot. Set in a ruined kingdom, ravished by plague, it becomes clear it's you versus the world. With a wide range of weapons for all kinds of players to use it is incredibly hard to get bored of the game. With the legendary broadsword for players opting for a heavy hitting brutal playstyle to quick weapons designed to slash and dash to ranged weapons and shields. And with the ability to mix and match your weapons it means you can utilise many different playstyles.

Whether you want to combine the broadsword with the swift blades to make the best of a quick and heavy playstyle to combining shields and ranged to create a playstyle dedicated to countering and striking back from afar. No run will be the same. And if you are struggling and need to cheat your way to victory (like me for my first few runs) you can create a custom run with specialised weapons and much more. While it is a great game it isn't without its faults.

Grinding For Cells

The currency in-game with which you unlock new weapons and skills is called 'Cells'. 'Grinding for cells' can be incredibly tough, especially when you’ve gathered a hundred cells and you get sniped by an exploding bat enemy. I’m still salty. But if you have the time to put in and the dedication to see it through dead cells is well worth the time and effort.


You will find each time you play the game will seem easier and easier, but don't let yourself be fooled. The game is not getting easier, you are just getting better. You will feel the gratification of defeating bosses and enemies you once couldn't overcome. One thing is required to enjoy Dead Cells to its fullest. A dark sense of humour. The game has some incredibly funny moments even through all the doom and gloom and its worth reading all the menu text for additional bits of lore and information into the rich world. And speaking of the world, Dead Cells has an incredibly open world and each path is incredibly unique no matter how many times you take it.

With frequent updates and Dlc additions you wont run out of content anytime soon. The “everyone is here'' update creates interesting opportunities with crossovers to other roguelikes and metroidvanias, such as Hollow Knight, Curse of the Dead Gods, Blasphemous, Guacamelee, Hyper Light Drifter and Skul the Hero Slayer. These create new ways to play and new weapon styles inspired by the games they came from. For example, the Hollow Knight weapon gives the player the option to downslash, upslash and slash while jumping, much like the movements of The Knight.

The movement in the game is incredibly fluid and benefits from smooth controls. The mechanics of dodging attacks through dodge rolls feels incredibly natural and satisfying, soon becoming part of your normal actions. Combos can also be made easier through this, as you can slash at an enemy with a sword, dodgeroll to avoid its attacks and continue with your sword strikes or throw an ice grenade to freeze the enemy in their places.

The main character manages to be funny and sarcastic just through its actions to other characters. These can involve shrugging, leaning down to think to flipping off characters it doesnt like. Classy!

Overall Dead Cells is a very good game. While it has its flaws it more than makes up for them and has enough content to truly beef it up.