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Daemons Of Nurgle Great Unclean One Review

great unclean one

Demonic Presence

Towering over its enemies as one of the mightiest daemons, The Great Unclean One brings forth plague in a monstrous fashion. Whether they’re using their swords for crushing and pulping, summoning forth fresh daemons or unleashing magic plague on their foes; they’re earning their place on the battlefield.

I picked this model to include in my army as it’s a quintessentially iconic Nurgle unit. It makes a statement on the battlefield and holds its own when contesting objectives. It takes the place as the centerpiece of my army and stands out from a mile away.

Great And Mighty

In order to create this monstrosity, you’ll need to combine the following grim components:

  • 59 x Plastic pieces
  • 130mm Base
  • 1 Instruction booklet

As a bonus, due to the way in which the pieces are designed, this model is incredibly easy to magnetize at the wrists. This means that the weapons can be switched out to match the loadout on your army roster.

When it comes to the playstyle of the Great Unclean one, heavy hitter sums it up best. As a behemoth it works best in close combat and benefits from the monster keyword. Movement is very slow, but it has the upper hand in unfavorable matchups. Meaning that if you pick your opposition well, your opponents units won’t stand a chance.

Rottigus is an alternative build for this kit, which means you get twice the potential for one kit. Both specialize in two different types of combat. The Great Unclean one focuses on melee combat and has a lashing ranged attack to pick off at a distance. The alternate build is Rottigus, who focuses more on spells and magic with the ability to cast and dispel two spells each round.

I wanted to try out a new paint scheme that lends itself well to highly detailed textured surfaces. Contrast and translucent paints worked best for picking out indentations and ripples in the Great Unclean One’s skin and organs. For the rusted look on the weapons I used a base layer of Lead Belcher paint, followed by a wash of agrax earthshade, and then nuln oil to finish it off.

Bile And Torment

Although you don’t get any additional summoning points from the great Unclean One, its strength lies in other areas when it comes to Battle. The main strength being its damage output and tough skin. In your opponent’s eyes, it’s hard to kill and hard to manipulate.

The Great Unclean One has one mandatory spell, ‘Plague Wind’ which helps produce more plague points on the battlefield. And is able to take one additional Nurgle spell from the Maggotin of Nurgle Battletome.

Melee is definitely the strongest feature on this model. Its huge one handed Bilesword hits like a truck, with four attacks, dealing a potential four damage each; plus minus two rend to ensure each swing devastates. If the melee attack wasn’t enough, The Great Unclean One has ‘Noxious Bile’ as its ranged attack. Providing D6 attacks, which dish out 2 damage each with minus three rend. Perfect for weakening or picking off foes at a distance before they can even get close.

Although the Great Unclean one is a leader, with the new update to Maggotkin of Nurgle you can run three of them in a battalion if you meet the unit requirements. Otherwise, you can only run one as a leader.

Final Thoughts

If I could sum up this model of the Great Unclean One in three words, they would be, “Gross”, “Strong”, and “oppressive”. Exactly what you need in the heart of the battle.

It’s always worth picking up two kits as you can build two different models with this kit, or three if you want to run the ‘Thrice Fold Befoulment’ battalion. Although, being a time consuming model to build and paint, you may be a while in finishing them.

I love how this model takes to a particular paint scheme, and it’s quickly become one of my favourite models from the collection. If you’re looking for a Nurgle unit that packs a punch, look no further. The Great Unclean One is the monster for you.