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Capstone Games announce two new releases, coming this fall!

Capstone Games - Race for the Chinese Zodiac

Capstone Games have announced that they will be releasing two brand-new games this fall.

Crystal Palace

The first is Crystal Palace and no, it is not a game based on the football team! Crystal Palace is set in 1851 London, as the first World's Fair begins. A player will take on the role of a nation attending the World’s Fair and they are tasked with creating the most spectacular and grandest of spectacles.

This dice placement game allows players to choose the values of the dice they place, going into one of eight areas. Crystal Palace has been designed by Carsten Lauber and the art has been created by Andrea Alemanno. Crystal Palace will be releasing at Essen from publisher Feuerland Spiele. However, it will be released in North America under the Capstone Games name.

Race for the Chinese Zodiac

The second game to come from Capstone Games is Race for the Chinese Zodiac. Joining its line of Simply Complex games, Race for the Chinese Zodiac is designed for 3-5 players, with a player taking on the role of one of the zodiac animals. They must compete to have the first year of the Chinese Zodiac named after their animal.

A race to this accolade will ensue. The game relies on action selection and hand management, with an interesting dual-layered wheel that will change the effects on the players cards as the game progresses. Race for the Chinese Zodiac has been designed by Christina Ng Zhen Wei and Yeo Keng Leong with the art created by Ray Toh. This game is set for a November 2019 release. 

Capstone Games Collection

Whilst you're waiting for the new board games, take a look through the existing collection. Other titles from Capstone Games include Lignum and Irish Gauge. Also, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Bus is available to pre-order.