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Champions of Midgard Review

Martyn Poole 26/09/2017

Champions of Midgard is a worker placement game for 2-4 players that plays in just over an hour (once you know what you are doing).

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Championship Formula Racing Review

Martyn Poole 22/09/2017

Championship Formula Racing is a modern take on the old game Speed Circuit, it’s a Formula One game for 1-12 players. Find out more in our review.

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By Order of The Queen Kickstarter Review

Martyn Poole 18/09/2017

In By Order of The Queen, you play a hero who has been tasked by the Queen to organise the heroes of the land to help keep Tessandor safe.

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Euphoria Board Game Review

Martyn Poole 06/09/2017

Euphoria is set in a time where the world we recognise is gone. A city full of order and control remains, a city that's perfect, or is it?

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Scrooge: The Board Game Kickstarter Preview

Martyn Poole 05/09/2017

Scrooge: The Board Game will see players moving around the streets of London, trying to outsmart and make Scrooge a better person.

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The life of a board game blogger

Martyn Poole 30/08/2017

Martyn Poole shares his experiences in this first edition of the Life of a Board Game blogger series.See how the BGE: Collective started.

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Off the Rails Kickstarter Preview

Martyn Poole 30/08/2017

With a week left on Kickstarter, Off The Rails is another mine themed board game from a UK publisher, Rotten Games.

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The Island of El Dorado Kickstarter Preview

Martyn Poole 29/08/2017

The Island of El Dorado is a tile laying, resource management game where the goal is to be the first player to control the shrines.

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Pavlov’s House: Dan Verssen Games Q&A

Martyn Poole 24/08/2017

Pavlov’s House is based on a real-life event that occurred during the Battle of Stalingrad. We spoke with the game's designer David Thompson.

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Street Kings

Street Kings Board Game Review

Martyn Poole 24/08/2017

Street Kings is more about your cars and its upgrades, compared to other race games, and the actual race is not the most important factor. Read more.

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