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Ian Peek

I’ve been wanting and waiting to get more into Board Games for a loooooong time. One ‘Board Game Cafe Tour of the UK’ (and several lockdowns) later - that time has firmly arrived. There’s a lot to discover in the world of Board Games… I’m happiest helping people discover it, or venturing on expeditions to discover more.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Parade Review

Ian Peek 02/09/2022

“When I was, a young boy, My father, took me into the city, To see a marching band…” Parade is a game for 3-6 players, find out more inside...

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EXiT The Gate Between Worlds

EXiT: The Gate Between Worlds Review

Ian Peek 27/07/2022

The Gate Between Worlds is the newest of the EXiT series, and still manages to bring new surprises and go beyond expectations.

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Mind Sports Olympiad Logo

News: More Mind Sports Olympiad!

Ian Peek 27/01/2022

This year, the Mind Sports Olympiad has announced a new online event – the MSO Grand Prix, which will take place over Easter.

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My First Time At The Mind Sports Olympiad Feature

My First Time At The Mind Sports Olympiad

Ian Peek 02/11/2021

The Mind Sports Olympiad is a fantastic event. After all the gold medals are given out, I hope they’ve reserved one for the organisers. 

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How To Play Twin It!

Ian Peek 16/09/2021

Played Snap? Good. You’ll already be right at home with Twin It! The timeless update with some fancy-pants paint. Read more at Zatu Games.

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Exit The Game The Forgotten Island Feature

Escape Games – Are They Worth It?

Ian Peek 17/08/2021

The question "are escape games worth it?" has been on my mind for a while. Recently, my answer has changed, and this feature explains why.

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Mind Sports Olympiad Logo

News: The Mind Sports Olympiad

Ian Peek 17/08/2021

Missing the Olympics? Then you'll be pleased to hear that there's a board game Olympics; the 2021 Mind Sports Olympiad is currently underway!

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The Deserted Lighthouse Box

Exit: The Deserted Lighthouse Review

Ian Peek 06/08/2021

Exit: The Deserted Lighthouse is the latest of the Exit series. This game expands the riddles into four jigsaw puzzles, read more here!

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Zombie Dice Box

Zombie Dice Review

Ian Peek 30/07/2021

Zombie Dice gives you the opportunity to be a zombie, without needing to get bitten by one! Can you eat all the brains first? Read more here!

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Can't Stop Feature Image

Can’t Stop Review

Ian Peek 29/07/2021

Can’t Stop was first released in 1980 and almost missed its moment. More recently, it was given a second chance at notoriety. Read more here!

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