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Gavin Hudson

I'm a poet, restorative justice trainer and tabletop gamer from Sheffield. My love of/obsession with modern gaming was sparked proper by Twilight Struggle about 6 or 7 years ago and my collection has grown from there, slowly creeping around every wall of my flat like a Kallax shaped demon from the Upside Down.

While I will pretty much play anything, as a writer I am a sucker for anything that allows me to tell or become immersed in a world or story, although I have a penchant for cute little abstracts like Onitama and the GIPF series too. Solo only or decent Solo mode will grab my attention also, as will anything with good production that looks shiny and pretty.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Hail Hydra Review Feature

Hail Hydra Review

Gavin Hudson 30/06/2020

Hail Hydra thrusts you into the world of marvel espionage as you try to work out who is loyal to SHIELD and who would rather HAIL HYDRA!

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Sensor Ghosts Feature

Sensor Ghosts Review

Gavin Hudson 28/06/2020

Sensor Ghosts is the follow up to Wren Games' Assembly. You fixedish the ship and are flying home. Through a metoer field. With no sensors. Good luck!

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Legacy of Dragonholt Feature

Legacy of Dragonholt Review

Gavin Hudson 17/06/2020

Legacy of Dragonholt is a co-op choose your own adventure. Pull up a chair with a tankard of ale and listen to the innkeepers reflections...

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Coffee Roaster Feature

Coffee Roaster Review

Gavin Hudson 01/06/2020

Coffee Roaster is a solo bag building game of brewing the best blends. How far will you push your luck you discover the best brew?

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War on Terror Feature

Labyrinth: The War On Terror, 2001 – ? Review

Gavin Hudson 22/05/2020

Labyrinth War on Terror is a historic war game which handles the topic well and gives a chance to play out through the game thanks to its sensitive approach

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Watergate feature

Watergate Review

Gavin Hudson 07/05/2020

Relive the Watergate scandal in this tight two player tug of war, and learn more about the historical event in the process!

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Mice And Mystics Review

Gavin Hudson 23/04/2020

Over the last few months a friend and I have been scurrying and slashing our way through Mice and Mystics; a game first released way back in 2012, spawning multiple expansions.

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Aerion Review

Gavin Hudson 25/03/2020

Shadi Torbey has carved out somewhat of a cult following with his Oniverse games, creating a universe of small box solo games.

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