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Carl Yaxley

I love to travel, read and play games!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Throne of Eldraine Feature

MTG Throne of Eldraine Review

Carl Yaxley 16/04/2020

What does the Throne of Eldraine Magic the Gathering set add? Resident expert Carl dives in to new and returning keywords and mechanics for you!

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Final Fantasy TCG: Game Guide for New Players (Part I)

Carl Yaxley 03/04/2020

This is the first in a two part how-to-play guide for the Final Fantasy Trading Card game (FFTCG). My aim here is to provide an overview of the game for new (or potential) players.

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How to Play – Formula D: Basic Racing

Carl Yaxley 02/04/2020

This is the first of a two-part how to play guide. I will cover both the basic and advanced rules. Here, I will introduce the setup and objective for a basic game and discuss core gameplay mechanics.

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MTG War of the Spark Review

Carl Yaxley 23/03/2020

The elder dragon Nicol Bolas has claimed dominion over Ravnica. Planeswalkers from across the multiverse converge as Bolas draws close to completing the spell that will grant him godhood.

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Theurgy Preview

Carl Yaxley 04/03/2020

I have had the opportunity to play Theurgy ahead of its launch. On a cold February evening, Olly and Charlotte braved the weather to meet me at my friendly local game store.

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How To Play – Commands & Colors Napoleonics

Carl Yaxley 14/02/2020

This is a how to play guide for Commands and Colors Napoleonics, focusing on scenario setup and turn structure. For an overall review of the game, see our review!

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MTG Theros Beyond Death Review

Carl Yaxley 12/02/2020

The gods, confident with their newly imbued power, established themselves in Nyx, the night sky of Theros. From there they ruled the mortal realm unchallenged.

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Commands & Colors Napoleonics Review

Carl Yaxley 06/02/2020

Napoleonics is a war game based on the Commands & Colors (C&C) game system designed by Richard Borg. C&C is essentially a system that enables simplified yet compelling war gaming.

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Magic The Gathering Pre-Release

Carl Yaxley 15/01/2020

Are you as excited for the MTG pre-release as we are? If so, you've come to the right place. Carl has kindly put together a guide on all things MTG events!

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Elder Sign Gates Of Arkham Review

Carl Yaxley 13/01/2020

The city chokes. Eldritch gates unleash deadly monsters, time is running out for humanity. If the Investigators are to survive, they must sally forth in search of new Allies, Spells and Items.

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