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Alana Wren

Hi, I’m Alana. I’ve always had a love of board games. I also love theatre and spend a lot of time either on stage or in the audience. Playing board games with my husband, children, and friends is my favourite way to spend my free time.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

That's A Question

That’s A Question! Review

Alana Wren 05/08/2022

Is That's A Question a family friendly game? Is this the game you want to take to work and play? You can find out here...

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Isle of Cats Late Arrivals

Isle Of Cats Late Arrivals Review

Alana Wren 19/07/2022

Alana is a huge fan of The Isle of Cats! Here she is reviewing the Late Arrivals expansion. What are you waiting for? Have a read!

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The Isle Of Cats Big Box

Isle Of Cats Big Box Review

Alana Wren 12/07/2022

Love the core Isle of Cats game? Well Alana is here to give you a rundown on why the Isle of Cats Big Box would be even more perfect for you!

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guess who harry potter cover

Guess Who? Harry Potter Review

Alana Wren 05/05/2022

Grab your Firebolts and dress robes and meet me at platform 9 ¾, because we are heading into Hogwarts for a look at Guess Who Harry Potter!

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Isle of Cats Kittens & Beasts cover

Isle of Cats Kittens & Beasts Expansion

Alana Wren 27/04/2022

Welcome back to The Isle with The Isle of Cats Kittens and Beasts Expansion! Lord Vesh is still on his way and those cats still need saving.

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sweetlandia cover

Sweetlandia Review

Alana Wren 20/04/2022

Mayor McSweet needs your help to plan and build the city of Sweetlandia! Try build the sweetest city you can!

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boats cover

The Isle Of Cats Expansion Boat Pack Review

Alana Wren 06/04/2022

Boats are what you can expect because boats are what you will receive! Check out this review for Isle of Cats Boat Expansion!

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Minecraft Cover

Minecraft Builders & Biomes: Farmer’s Market Expansion Review

Alana Wren 21/03/2022

Minecraft Farmer’s Market Expansion adds the element of a market board, various new items available for purchase by the players throughout.

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Floriferous New Cover

Floriferous Review

Alana Wren 15/03/2022

Floriferous is a light, card drafting game, where you build a hand of flowers throughout the play in order to score the most points!

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Imagineers Feature

Imagineers Review

Alana Wren 14/03/2022

Imagineers is a theme park building game. Players strive to have the highest star rated park. Make your visitors happy, gain points, and win!

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