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We’re Getting Board Games Back On The Table!

Kids Board Games

We love getting involved in schemes at schools, libraries and community centers by giving huge discounts to you (as well as donating games!) to get people of all ages playing board games. We want to help you get board games back on the table. Throw out (or maybe just put in a cupboard) the tablets, turn off the TVs and sign out of Netflix because we want to help raise the profiles of Ticket To Rides and Dobble again!

We've been helping Alun and Jonathan at Ardley Hill Academy to set up their very own Board Game Library! To start their collection, we helped out and donated the following amazing games which are perfect for kids:

The school hope to expand their library, with the help of Zatu Games, by getting massive discounts on the likes of Ticket To Ride: First Journey,  Dobble Kids,  Red 7 and Love Letter!

Why are board games so important for kids?

Board games are not only fun, but can also be educational. They bring people of all ages together and help children form bonds with their peers, teachers and at home, their family! Ardley Hill are encouraging their students to play whilst they learn!

Rory's Story Cubes is a great example of a game which is already helping the children at Ardley Hill be creative with one another. Children's brains are like sponges and are taking in every single thing around them so the collection of Rory's Story Cubes is the perfect pass-time:

"The most exciting thing about the whole journey is seeing the diversity of creativity that comes out of playing with Rory’s Story Cubes®. We love hearing about novels written, illustrations drawn, music composed, short film shot and role-playing games mastered, all with the inspiration from a roll of Rory’s Story Cubes."

Of course not all games need to be educational in order to have a benefit to the child. The communication skills that games in general can teach can be invaluable. The fact that children will have to communicate verbally, share, wait, take turns and generally have close interaction with other players can boost their confidence and help them develop into confident individuals.

Board games have come a long way recently, allowing a much wider target audience. I've been playing board games for the past few years and I have seen the learning opportunities they offer at both a logical and social level.

Through speaking with Jonathan Smith, the head teacher of Ardley Hill Academy, it became clear that the children may be able to benefit by opening a Board Game library at the school and provide another avenue for the children to learn through play.

The contents of this library have come about through the kind donations from members of "Board Game Trading and Chat UK", Bez Shahriari of "Stuff by Bez", Emma May of "Emmerse Studios" and a large donation from the game store Zatu Games.
- Alun Farmer, who organised the set up of the Board Game Library at Ardley Hill .

Do you have a great idea or a scheme set up that you think Zatu could help with? Get in touch now, take a look at some of the great things we offer and we will see what we can do! By all banding together, we can get board games back on the table.