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Adeptus Titanicus: Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan Review

Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan

Titanic Power

Towering over the opposition, with enough firepower to level a city in a mechanical heartbeat, the Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan is the ultimate addition to any Adeptus Titanicus army.

If you’re looking for a huge challenge, look no further. The Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan is the largest model available in the Games Workshop Adeptus Titanicus Range. Towering over the battlefield, this titan makes up the centerpiece in any Adeptus Titanicus army and can be seen from a mile away without any issues.

In Horus Heresy, I play the Imperial Fists, and I love the way that the yellow shines out across the battlefield. Therefore I decided to carry that paint scheme over to my Adeptus Titanicus army as the Loyalist House is still around in this universe.

Loyalist Or Traitor

You really do get a lot of titan for your buck with this kit, including the following:

  • 291 x Plastic pieces on sprues
  • 1 x 120mm Plastic Base
  • 1 x Cardboard Command Terminal
  • 17 x Loadout option cards
  • 1 x Transfer Sheet

You’ll be glad to know that this model comes with a wide variety of customizable pieces. Firstly, you can choose to either use the Legion, Traitor or Neutral armor plating. Secondly, you can choose between the weapons that you glue to the model, although as I’ll explain next, magnet are your new best friend with this model. And finally, you can swap out the weapons that sit on top of this Titan. There are so many different possibilities for loadouts, so why not play around with it.

Although it’s not stated on the box or instructions, certain pieces of this model seem to be designed to hold magnets, so that the whole model can be magnetized. This mainly applies to the arms and waist. By gluing strong magnets into the joint holes in the pieces, I was able to magnetize the individual pieces so that different weapons can be swapped in depending on my desired loadout. This also made storing this model so much easier.

I can’t express how much fun I had building this model. There is an excessive amount of pieces that make up the structure, and it takes a long time to build. But it’s so rewarding when you take the time to ensure every piece is cleaned up and painted to a high standard.

When you're building this model, I recommend completing the endoskeleton part first, then spray and paint it. Next, spray the armor panels on the sprue with a base paint, then cut them off and finish the painting by hand Once the paint has dried, carefully glue them to the Titan skeleton. I recommend doing it this way as certain armor panels are covered by other pieces, which would make areas of the model impossible to paint otherwise.

The Warmaster

As I said earlier, the Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan has a wide variety of customisable options to choose from; and magnetizing the model makes these options far more accessible. Over all, the set includes; three sets of shoulder plates, two heads, three faceplates and 9 weapons to choose from in total.

Given the sheer size of this model, it’s of no surprise that it isn’t the most mobile structure. Movement across the battlefield is slow, and a move in the wrong direction could open your titan up to a world of hurt from your opposition. So choose every step wisely.

Should your opposition scry a lucky shot your way, and bring your titan down, it won’t bow out so easily. Depending on the roll, there is a chance that your Warmaster Titan may go out in a boom of glory. Of course, you can use this fiery end to your advantage and what’s left of your titan into your opposition to see how many traitors it can take with it.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this has been one of my favourite adeptus titanicus models to date. It’s great fun to build and paint, and looks absolutely stunning on the battlefield. Although the sheer amount of pieces to this kit may seem daunting, it’s so easy to build and such a pleasure to work through.

Once on the battlefield, the Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan is a unit of a mech, and it takes a lot to bring it down. So much so that this titan is often the last thing left on the field once everything else has turned to dust.

Unfortunately the scaling is unique to adeptus titanicus, so the model cannot be used in 40k. Which is a real shame because I’m so pleased with how the model came out and I want to show it off in every Wahrammer game I play. If only Games Workshop could fit titans into Age of Sigmar somehow…

I believe that this kit is worth picking up for the experience of building and painting alone. But if you’re purchasing it for a younger hobbyist, make sure to give them some assistance, as there really is a lot to building this model. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that it’s a formidable opposition on the battlefield, and looks amazing.