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15 Years of XBOX: Upcoming XBOX One Games

The sky will soon go dark on XBOX’s 15th birthday. But there’s still time. For some of us. Zatu raises it’s stubbled grey face, a face weather-beaten by unkind years, and looks to the future, what little there is of it, at a few interesting upcoming XBOX One games.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Anyone who played the first South Park RPG, 2014’s The Stick of Truth, may have been surprised to find that on top of bringing the exact level of humour, satire, and self-delighted puerility you would expect, the game was also a genuinely good RPG.

The key to its success was its clever premise: the RPG itself is a game of make believe all the kids are playing, which allows the creators to take the 4th-wall-breaking Michael out of typical genre tropes. The sequel sets out to do the same with the superhero genre.

The Watchmaker

A game about a man whose favourite clock is tampered with, which breaks time and sets him on a mission to repair it, all whilst suffering from a condition that causes him to age rapidly.

It’s probably a metaphor for the fact that death with surely come for all despite our constant struggle or something. Either way, with its setting cog-addled setting and time-bending mechanics it's looking to be one of the weirder XBOX One games of the next few years.


A follow-up to 2009’s The Whispered World, Silence is an upcoming adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment.

The art style is what jumps out immediately: 3D characters layered over 2D artwork, which gives it a weird and lovely fairytale aesthetic. The game opens with an air raid on the main characters’ village, one which sees them witness its destruction from the safety of a bunker, and seems in a way reminiscent of Studio Ghibli’s Grave of the Fireflies with its older brother, tiny sister combo.

Telltale’s Marvel Universe Game

Renowned for their high writing standards and moral-choice-based gameplay, Telltale have now adapted their episodic, story and character heavy formula to a number of IPs, the vast majority of them with resounding success.

Next, the developer is turning its sights onto the Marvel Universe, though in exactly what capacity remains to be announced. Whether they’ll take a more gritty, MCU approach or turn to the comic source material for inspiration remains to be seen. Either way, Telltale always manage to bring something new and enthralling to any franchise.

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UPDATE: This product is no longer available to purchase from Zatu Games. All information above including prices were correct at the time of publishing but may not be accurate in present day.