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Xbox Live Games With Gold December 2016

December is here which means that its time for a brand-new set of games from the Xbox Live Games with Gold scheme. This enables Xbox Live users to download free games each month of the year.

They are usually split into two games for the Xbox One and two games for the Xbox 360 - although thanks to backwards compatibility Xbox One users can usually pick up all four games.

Here is the December line-up for the Xbox Live Games with gold offer:

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition - Xbox One - December 1-31

The remastered version of the open-world action adventure game from 2012. Sleeping Dogs is one of the many games that has been built to try and match the huge success of the Grand Theft Auto series, and was originally supposed to be a part of the True Crime series.

The game itself is set in Hong Kong, with players taking control of undercover police officer Wei Shen as he tries to take down the infamous Sun on Yee Triad organisation. Shen has various fighting, shooting and parkour abilities for you to us as you explore the city and take part in story missions.

The definitive edition not only looks better but is also filled with tweaks and improvements to the general gameplay. For example vehicle handling was improved and the timing window for counterattacks was increased.

If you're a GTA fan it might be worth giving this one a try!

Outlast - Xbox One - December 16 - January 15

Outlast is a first-person horror game that was originally released back in 2014 and follows the work of a freelance investigative journalist called Miles Upshur.

Miles is investigating a remote psychiatric hospital in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado - which has been overrun by homicidal patients. The game's presentation is similar to the found footage genre found in horror movies.

Miles only has his notebook and a camera with him and is incapable of combat. You must be clever and navigate the hospital using parkour and crawling techniques.

Take on Outlast and see if you can survive.

Outland - Xbox 360 & Xbox One - December 1 - 15

A 2D platform game created by Ubisoft. Outland sees players travelling through red and blue energies, passing through barriers and attacking monsters of the opposite alignment. So if you fighting a dark monster you would use the light (blue) energy.

Along the way, players learn special powers from large shrines, from simple melee attacks to the harnessing of Light and Dark energy. Players can also collect hidden objects called "Masks of the Gods" in order to unlock extras such as concept art or enhanced in-game abilities.

The great thing about Outland is that you can play through the entire story with a friend in co-op mode. re are also co-op challenges scattered throughout the world that can be unlocked and played when in co-op mode.

Burnout Paradise - Xbox 360 & Xbox One - December 16-31

The last in a great racing franchise. Oh how we would love to see a new Burnout game here at Zatu! Although, in my own opinion, Paradise wasn't the best game in the series it is still worth a try this month.

The game is set in the fictional world of Paradise City and for the first time in the series the game was set in an open world setting - similar to that used in the Need For Speed series. This means that racers can go round the city as they please and take part in any races they want to.

The well-liked Crash Mode is now known as Showtime and can be initiated at any time, in any place during your game. In Showtime you have to bounce your vehicle around for as long as possible in order to score points.

During the races you can also take any route you like in order to reach the finish line. DLCs released after the game's original launch also introduced bikes and a time-of-day cycle.