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Which Dice Set Is Right For You?

Dice Set

If you’ve ever been invited to play in a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or any of the other great RPG systems out there, you’ve probably been told you’ll need dice. And if you need dice, Zatu has you covered! I have bought a great deal of dice in the last six years, mostly because of playing D&D and I understand the desire to become what is known lovingly as a “dice goblin.” The collection of clicky clacky math rocks is very personal but if you want some guiding advice on which dice or dice set to look out for, let me point the way!

Start As You Mean To Go On

If you’re just opening up the polyhedral treasure hoard, then here’s some of your best options. Dice come in a variety of colours (and shapes but that’s kind of the point) and you can go for the colours you want. There is almost certainly a Chessex dice set out there for you. It will give you all the dice you need, in the colour you want at a low entry point cost wise. You could even go for an exclusive Zatu polyhedral dice set if you fancy orange! They also do simple 6 sided die. Acrylic is a good starting point because you can get yourself in place for an RPG or any other game which needs a bunch of dice, it’s nice and light and usually pretty clear to read the numbers on.

But you may be beyond the entry level. You might be craving more. Right this way.

Nice Dice Baby

Now you’ve broken into the dice hoard, you might be thinking “I fancy a dice set with a little bit of heft.” Metal dice might be the way to go for you. Dice Habit make some wonderful metal and enamel dice which you could look to get to your table. These dice are beautiful and I love having the weight behind the dice as I throw it across the table. Just be careful of the points, and do not drop the d4!

But if you want to evolve beyond the metal and go into more natural materials, you can find dice crafted from gemstones or wood. Opalite, turquoise and wenge wood are among the options available to you.

Or you can just go for the qwirky! PolyHero dice are coming to Zatu and these are dice specified to your D&D class. The Rogue Burglars bundle includes a d3 grappling hook, a d4 rope and a d2 key, as an example, so if you want to get something like this later this year, check them out.


Now you have your beautiful precious dice, you want to keep them safe. Or more specifically, keep other people safe from your errant dice rolls and your table from the hefty dice. It’s hard to explain just how much dice can roll on a solid surface given enough momentum. So you need to contain the pure power of that d20 that will always bring you that crucial crit. You need a dice tray and there are a few available on the website. The standard rectangle, a small hexagonal tray and a large dice tray are there for you. I find the small hexagonal tray useful for if I’m travelling because it takes up very little space in my bag and on a fold down table on a train or plane! The rectangle tray has the nice geometry going on that works well with most tables and can fold down flat into your bag with your character sheet. The large tray is great for games where you’re constantly chucking dice and passing it around the table, RPG or board game!

If you want something that can carry your dice, you can go for the GeekOn! Dice case which can store your dice and then convert into a dice tray for that extra convenience. Or for something a little more meta, consider a dice bag that looks like a d20!

Here’s the thing. Your dice are going to be personal to you, regardless to how many you own. You will have favourites, you will have betrayers, you will have those which you decide to hide away to deny how many dice you have and to justify buying more. Hopefully, this will help you pick something that suits you and brings you the joy my dice bring me. Especially when I roll a natural 20 so frequently… Roll well, my friends!