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What’s On Game Pass December 2022

Game Pass

Having had a busy month of travel between London, Birmingham and Scotland, I’ve taken some well-earned time out to play the latest additions to the Game Pass library. The selection of titles isn’t what I’ve come to expect, but Microsoft do have high standards, which can’t be met in perpetuity.

There’s some notable absentees from this list. Namely: Return to Monkey Island and Pentiment. Whilst I wanted to adore Pentiment, the excessive narrative just didn’t cut it for me, and Monkey Island was a bit, shall we say, light…

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Ever wanted to experience the battlefields where contemporary conflict takes place? Here’s your opportunity to fight with you and your buddies in a fictional Middle Eastern desertscape. There’s two factions: Security and Insurgents. Both of which are loosely based on well-known militaries and paramilitaries, such as, NATO and the Taliban.

This is realistic tactical gameplay that features a minimal HUD and accurate weapons that can kill very quickly. There are eight classes in total and players can use SP (Supply Points) to upgrade their weapons. You’ll also have to manage your weight, an aspect of gameplay that really forces you to think about your loadout.

If you’re a bit bored of the same old shooters, this might be worth a go. I’ve been impressed by the gameplay (even if I am dying all the time) and admire the level of detail the developers have implemented.


I love a good Game Preview. Ever wanted to take your chances as a rabbit? Now you get to do just that in a stunning world of art. Considering the relative simplicity of the game, I’m surprised it wasn’t a full release.

LAPIN is a 2D platformer that sees a group of rabbits go on an adventure. The environmental nature of the game reminded me of The Rescuers Down Under: the rabbits are forced to flee their underground home under the park due to construction. Where will their adventure take them?

Battlefield 2042

Imagine paying £70 for this… Well I’m glad I’ve finally got to play. It seems like only yesterday when I was listening to a work colleague complain about how terrible the game was when it released. The patches were awful, the content was worse and it just didn’t feel like a proper Battlefield.

It still doesn’t. That said, it’s an improvement over day one. The game runs smoothly and I was able to get into a game in no time. 2042 is the future of warfare. The capitalist system has broken down, but there’s enough money left in the pot to wield a crazy techno army and battle it out to see whose gamble pays off. Kinda like the stock exchange but with armies.

You can use drones and various other gadgets to get one over on your enemy, which is pretty cool. There’s vehicles, air-drops and the ability to customise any weapon on the spot, so you can adapt on the fly to changing circumstances.

There’s a lot to do in 2042 and if you don’t take it too seriously, you might find that there’s a game here for you. This is a great alternative to Call of Duty. If you’re feeling burnt out, hop over to Battlefield. You might be surprised. Be sure to avoid the tornadoes!

Vampire Survivors

What a game this is! It brings back memories of endless hours spent in front of the PC as a child and yet it doesn’t. How so? Because although its style is reminiscent of older games, its gameplay is original and has the feeling of being familiarly unfamiliar. It’s as though I’ve played games like this before, but I know I haven’t.

In Vampire Survivors, you play as one of four (unlocked with coins) heroes fighting an onslaught of repugnant enemies: the kind that would make you squirm if the game was first-person and rendered in 4K. The game does all the hard work for you, so all you have to do is move your character and avoid the enemies. This is a lot more difficult than I’ve made it out to be.

You’ll have access to upgrades every so often and you’ll need to make choices based on your playstyle or what you believe to be the best course of action. Do you choose the upgrade that will further boost the damage dealing spell you so love, or do you take a chance on that new AOE ability you’ve never seen before?


As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been able to play that many games this month. When I’ve had chance, I’ve mainly been dabbling in Vampire Survivors. It’s the perfect blend of theme, soundtrack, simplicity and zone (that place where I don’t have to think too much).

So how has your month been and what are you doing to unwind in the run-up to Christmas? Do you think this is a good selection of games from game pass? Let us know over on our socials.