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Video Game Of The Month May 2023

video game of the month

Here we are with another instalment of the best monthly video game related online content. Absolutely no reason at all to take to the internet to check the validity of that claim. We are back to the standard procedure after the special edition of last month.

There is no extended intro this month, everything about this month’s feature is going to be short and sweet. let’s dive straight into the sweet sweet gaming goodness!

Hogwarts Legacy - Sophie Jones

It's fair to say Hogwarts Legacy was one of the most anticipated releases this year. I will admit I was a doubter, a non-believer! I did not think they could pull it off. But as usual, I was wrong! This game blew me away, much like the depulso spell. From the opening cut scene to building your animal vivarium's I was taken in, under the Hogwarts spell.

This game has got the perfect balance between challenge and fun. This balancing act means it’s engaging for avid gamers, but also appeals to non-gamers. It has everything you would want from a Potterverse game. I have friends who only play Mario Karts, picking up this game and not being able to put it down. The combat is satisfising but not overwhelming and quests can be scaled based on your difficulty setting. I’m not a huge fan of Harry Potter’s story (I didn’t even finish the books, big book fear is a real thing) but this game captures the world in a new way and its addictive, wonderful and something you can truly get lost in.

For full immersion, Legacy lets you to create your own student and select your house. Based on your house choice, some quests may differ later. This branching pathway adds to replayability and makes you want to try the other houses on offer. The main story revolves around your character and their possession of an ancient magic. Throughout the story you uncover what this means and how to master it. Along the way you get to explore an old-fashioned Hogwarts, shop in Hogsmeade and battle rogue wizards and goblins. There are also a ton of collectibles to find, each offering unique rewards when you find them.

Hogwarts Legacy is a trove of magical content which I just can’t put down! Yes, there could always be room for improvement but let's not talk about that when we can customise our own room of requirement. I have sunk a total of 45 hours into the game, and I still have a long way to go. Starting with catching a male Mooncalf!

Dredge - Paul Blyth

Warning: No spoilers, just fishing puns ahead. If there’s a fishing mini-game I’m hooked. I’ve lost countless hours on countless games staring into the water, waiting for my float to dip below the surface before trying to reel in my prize. I don’t think I’ve ever played a fishing mini-game that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy, although the one in Stardew Valley took some getting to grips with.

Anyway, Dredge puts you in the waders of a fishing boat captain who finds himself heading out to sea in the early hours, catching fish and return to port before the sun goes down to sell them, all in an effort to pay-off & upgrade his boat. It’s an extremely satisfying gaming loop, but this barely scratches the surface. Straight away you’re told to come back before dark, but as the game progresses you’ll need to venture out in the dark for fish and treasures that only come out at night. To say the game has a sinister undercurrent is an understatement.

Battlefield 2042 Seb Hawden

I am an avid Battlefield fan and have put an ungodly amount of hours into the series. Battlefield 2042 may seem like a weird pick for Video Game of the Month but bear with me. I bought Battlefield 2024 at launch and while enjoying it, it did have a lot of issues and the lack of new maps made me tire of it very quickly. Fast forward to today and with it being on PlayStation Plus, me and all my friends have really enjoyed where the game is now, while not perfect, the new maps and updates have made it a far superior game.

Where before vehicles were overpowered and some of the maps too open, now it feels a lot more balanced and a more entertaining experience. Not only that but there have been numerous new maps since I last played and a boatload of new weapons, operatives, and quality-of-life tweaks. With this title being on PS Plus means the player count has boomed too, with loads of new players, returning players and everything in between joining the fight.

What makes Battlefield so good, for me anyway, is the team-focused combat, vehicle-based mayhem, and massive, destructible, all-out warfare. While I feel this is lesser in this game than in previous releases, it's still fun and especially if you have a group of friends to squad up with, extremely entertaining.

So, whether you're a returning player or have never played Battlefield 2042 before, with it being free on PS Plus, there has never been a better time to jump in and give it a bash. Battlefield 2042 has never been better. It is in a good, stable place and I am having a great time with it. I have also now managed to get my platinum trophy too, once again completing my streak of Battlefield platinums. See you on the Battlefield soldier!

Humanity – Dan Hilton

In the feature 2 months ago, I spoke about Divinity Original Sin 2. And I must admit, I am still actually playing that game. It is such a big game! I have almost 200 hours logged on it (on this play through alone) but I have also been dabbling in Humanity.

You have probably seen it; I am sure its kookiness has stretched to all corners of the internet by this point. But it is essentially a puzzle game. One where to complete each stage, you need to guide the aimless humans to the correct tile. To make every single puzzle more challenging, there is the option to collect the giga-golden people along the way. I love the way that this game is presented. There is some sort of story developing between the stages, even if I am not entirely sure what is going on at the moment.

Each set of levels have their own kinds of twist and stipulations which has kept the format feeling fresh and interesting at every turn. The powers you unlock are new ways to change the path of the people. Turning, jumping, long jumping, high jumping, splitting, floating etc are the kind of tools you will use to shepherd the people to where they need to go. It is great!

Credit Roll

Well, there you go folks. Only four entries this month. I didn’t pester people this month for entries given how much I pestered them last month for the special feature. But nevertheless, this has been 4 games we think are worth taking a look at.

I feel as though the coming months will see an influx of bigger titles, given the list of AAA games that are on the horizon. I know me myself have pre-ordered Final Fantast XVI. I am so excited! Happy gaming everyone!