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Top PSVR Games


With PSVR2 around the corner we’ve decided it is high time to look back over some of the best physical games you can buy for the original headset. Whether you are a seasoned VR player or thinking of buying a headset for the first time, here are Zatu Games’ 5 PSVR games to play.

Superhot VR

Superhot presents you with a world where VR gaming reigns and the rumours of a new game called Superhot are circling the internet. Through a message from a friend you can hack into the servers of a video game developer to access their unreleased game titled superhot.exe. After this you must put on your in game VR headset and start up. Superhot VR is a shooter that works on a simple yet brilliant gameplay mechanic, time moves when you move. Using this god like power you must defeat red polygonal enemies by punching throwing and shooting, all while everything only moves along with your movements, this includes enemies and bullets. Soon you will find yourself dodging slo-mo bullets and shooting to where enemies are moving to proceed to the next level.

Synth Riders

Motion gaming has come on leaps and bounds over the years, from the Wavebird controller for the Gamecube to the Wiimote and Kinect, but nowhere have they been used best as with VR gaming. VR headsets and controllers are a brilliant way for gamers to get off the sofa and get physical. One of the best examples of this is with Kluge Interactive’s Synth Riders.

Many may be ready to write this off as a clone of games like Beat Saber, but Synth Riders delivers new experiences unlike those of other rhythm PSVR games. Players will find themselves using orbs on their controllers to hit strings of lights in time with the music.

Where Synth Riders does excel is with its environments. You can play any song of your choosing in a variety of locations including the neon rooftops of Spin City and futuristic valleys of huge golden shapes in Rise Of The Golden Phoenix and if you are feeling adventurous, turning on moving environments with make you feel as if you are flying along with the music.

As for music itself Synth Riders comes packaged in with a plenty of songs and many more available to buy with DLC packs that include songs from the likes of Muse, The Offspring & Bruno Mars.


A not-so-distant future with flooded and overgrown cities, Mayan temples, WWII, a 1970’s free love and music festival and the Moon. What connects all these locations? You will need to traverse both time and space to them and many more to save the world in Wonderer.

Brought to us by Mighty Eyes studio, Wanderer see you starting in the near future in a city left in ruin by some unknown event, you play as Asher Newman who is travelling to his grandfather's old apartment to undo the wrongs of the past. You discover an unusual talking wristwatch who will guide you on your journey across time and prevent the collapse of civilization.

As a late addition to the PSVR line up, Wanderer delivers stunning environments and immersive gameplay as you collect items to solve puzzles and progress always wondering where you will be travelling too next. Live out your Quantum Leap fantasies with this highly rated VR game.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

For all you out there who have dreamt of being the next Jedi master, do we have the game for you.

Set between the events of Revenge Of The Sith and Rogue One, Vader Immortal puts you into the shoes of a smuggler who is captured by Lord Vader to gain access to an ancient weapon of immeasurable power. Of course this couldn’t be a Star Wars game in VR without a couple of things, force powers and lightsabers, and with the use of your move controllers you could be dueling to your hearts content in no time.

The special edition physical release not only handily bundles in all 3 episodes of the Sith adventure but also comes with behind the scenes footage and interviews on the disc, as well as collectable concept art postcards.

No Mans Sky Beyond

What may be one of the most outstanding comeback stories in gaming history is also one of the most outstanding PSVR games available.

No Mans Sky released in 2016 to huge hype but was ultimately a huge disappointment for most, many advertised features from the huge title were missing but developer Hello Games have spent the last 7 years updating and improving the game to be even more impressive than was originally promised.

No Mans Sky Beyond launched with all previous updates to the game and introduced a full VR mode allowing the entire universe sized game to be played in virtual reality. Players have the choice of using the DualShock controller or 2 Move controllers to add to the immersion and explore everything the game has to offer. Pulling down the hatch of your cockpit and blasting off into space in VR is something that does not get old.

Gameplay allows you to go solo or join friends online where you can explore, trade and battle through the universe following any path you choose.

So there we are 5 amazing PSVR games you need to add to your shelf, which ones do you need to add to your shelf?

Happy gaming everyone.