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Top 5 Lego Architecture Sets

lego architecture sets

Traveling the world these days can be expensive, if only there was a way of cherishing the sights of the most famous landmarks on a much, much smaller scale… Thankfully the magicians at Lego have us covered. In their beautifully miniature Lego Architecture set, Lego creators have managed to pack all the most famous landmarks from different countries into neatly boxed lego kits; ready for us to build at home.

These have quickly become some of my favourite Lego kits that are currently available, and have taken up residence on the mantelpiece and spare bookshelves in my house. I’m constantly astounded by the amount of detail that each kit contains, and the accuracy of the landmarks that they replicate.

In this Top 5, I have included five of my favourite Lego Architecture sets with a little piece on each as to why I rate them so highly among the others. So grab your lego passport and let’s get stuck in!

Great Pyramid Of Giza

  • Set number: 21508
  • Pieces: 1476

I’ve put this kit at the number one spot because… Just look at it! Every brick of this kit has been carefully thought about and no detail has been left out. And if it wasn’t stunning enough to look at on the surface, there’s so much more hidden underneath the pyramid outer bricks. Lift up the shell and you’ll find an intricate pathway through the structure demonstrating how the pyramid may have been built all those years ago.

This model goes so much further than being a Lego kit, and breaches the realm of a historically accurate diorama. Which was more than I ever expected to find in a lego box as a kid. My only criticism is that you only get half a pyramid, however, there’s nothing to stop you from getting two of these kits and placing them next to each other.

The only challenge with this kit is finding a large enough space in the house to display it; especially if you want to link two together. But that really is just nite picking. There’s nothing that can be faulted in this kit, and I really recommend picking it up if you have the budget and space to spare.


  • Set number: 21034
  • Pieces: 468

As a city that’s near and dear to my heart, it was astounding to see all the London landmarks I’ve grown up seeing, transformed into their miniature lego counterparts. So many features have been crammed into this modest sized baseplate, yet it isn’t even slightly overcrowded.

This is also one of the very few kits where I’m more impressed when there’s less bricks included. I love seeing just how much detail they can bring to the model with as few components as possible. Which is unusual for me, as I love taking on huge lego projects with thousands of pieces.

Some of the buildings that feature in this kit include; the national gallery, nelsons column, Big Ben, and Tower Bridge. All places that you may have also visited at some point, just as I have. And even though the buildings have been shrunk down, no detail has been left out. Big Ben has a small clock face, the London Eye has capsules for riders, and Nelson's Column has tiny water fountains. The only thing missing is the pigeons!

The White House

  • Set number: 21054
  • Pieces: 1483

This is another really impressive set that manages to capture all of the characteristics of a legendary building in very small detail. The base plate for this model is significantly larger than other sets in the architecture range, allowing for all of the wings of the White House and the floral gardens to be included.

I can’t help feeling that they could’ve included a hidden element in the main part of the building. Where lifting off the roof would reveal the oval office and a miniature desk or president. Then again, I may just have been spoiled by the attention to detail in the Pyramid kit.

Overall this is a very pleasing kit to build, given all of the different wings and elements to the landmark; and an even nicer kit to look at once it’s displayed. It also pairs nicely with the other US themed architecture kits that are currently available on the market.


  • Set number: 21057
  • Pieces: 827

Admittedly, this Lego Architecture set isn’t half as exciting to look at as the others on this list, but that’s because the real charm lies in the pieces that make up this set. Out of all the architecture sets I’ve built, and that’s quite a lot, the Singapore cityscape has some of the most unique pieces I’ve seen used throughout. From the purple pieces used for the tree crowns, to the faceplates that make up the front of the OCBC Centre.

That being said, the height of the buildings that the designers have achieved, is so true to form when you look at pictures of singapore. Especially when you see the contrast of the small houses on the right hand side of the model. The difference in scale really makes this set stand out.


  • Set number: 21044
  • Pieces: 649

Honestly, I couldn’t write a list on architecture sets without including the Paris Skyline, purely because this kit is where my architecture collection began. Seeing these buildings recreated with lego takes me back to school trips to Paris where each of the landscapes featured in this kit towered over me with grandeur.

Boasting six landmarks in total, including: arc de triomphe, champs-elysees and the Eiffel Tower; there is an unbelieve amount of quality packed into this small kit. The scales of the buildings are accurately represented, with the Eiffel Tower looking like a giant against the other models.

Since building this kit, I’ve moved onto bigger and more intricate architecture sets, but this model will always have a place in my heart as the first.

So there you have it, that concludes our whistle stop tour of my favourite Lego Architecture kits that are currently on the market. Here’s hoping that there’s many more sets to come, and I can remake this list in a couple of years' time. But, the question is, do you agree with my choices? I’d love for you to let me know by using the @zatugames tag on any social media.