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Top 10 Hottest Dice To Buy Now

Legion Dice Imperial Fists
Legion Dice Imperial Fists

Dice. They have exploded in recent years in terms of what is now available. A style and set to match every D&D character, tabletop army and custom themed rpg. There is perhaps even too much choice at the moment so I have compiled the top ten hottest dice sets available to but right now. So, let’s roll for initiative and dive right in!

10. Heavy Metal Feywild Copper And Green d20 Dice Set For D&D

A solid set of full metal dice. They have a good weight and heft to them. They also have a lovely weathered effect to fully feel like something from a fantasy realm. The green detailing also helps to conjure an oxidized style to them. They feel like a quality antique pair and have a good table impact. However as with all metal die, use a dice tray…or you may not be welcome after ruining your friend’s wooden table. They also feature the D&D logo in place of the 20 which makes every critical roll official.

9. DNDICE Acrylic Alchemy: Unicorn Lick Dice Set

A more classic format of the full poly set (d4,d6,d8,d10,d12, and d20) the Unicorn Lick dice set from DNDice is a bold and characterful set, fully ready for a night of roleplaying. The colour banding is clean and dynamic which adds a certain force of personality to the set. Each one containing the many hues that one can presume from the title make up a lick from a unicorn. It raises questions over fantasy hygiene but it certainly pays them back when brought up on the table. They are fun, and that alone makes them worthy of a place in your die collection. It also adds a certain insult to injury when you use them in the grittiest campaign setting possible. The juxtaposition is surely one to enjoy and an added benefit of their colourfulness is that they will never be lost on the table or when one inevitably rolls onto the floor.

8. The Witcher Dice Set: Geralt – The White Wolf

A licensed set of Dice themed to the title character of the Witcher Series. They are very cleanly printed and feature the wolf emblem in place of the critical roll. They are evocative of the dark fantasy world that they are based on while also maintaining a crisp colour contrast that does not obscure the result as if often the issue with highly decorated dice. The set also gains bonus points for including a metal coin featuring Geralt’s head. A nice touch on an already distinctive and quality set. The coin can be used for complex morale decisions in gameplay or just kept as a plinth to put your favorite die on during a session. It is also a very nice display set. The dice also feature a subtle weathering effect. A lot of thought was put into the design and it really shows as a thematic tie in to the Witcher universe.

7. Kambaba Jasper Die Set By Level Up Dice

A very beautiful and premium set of dice made from semi-precious stone. Each one is hand crafted and unique. A set that can truly be appreciated for its attractive nature. It is almost too good a set to use as actual dice. They are the perfect gift for someone truly engrained into RPG’s and gaming. It certainly is not a cheap set but they are also a very special and meaningful set to own. Level Up Dice also offer a variety of other semi-precious dice such as Raise Egyptian Marble and Pheonix Lapis Lazuli. It is certainly not a set for casual play.

6. PolyHero Dice: Rogue Set

An unusual set of dice in that they eschew the standard polyhedral shapes in favour of prism esque rollers in the form of a rogue’s effects. They are a set that will appeal to a select audience due to how untraditional they are. However, it is good to see that there is still some innovation in the dice market and the novelty as well as the thematic impact is to be commended. They have a table impact and they can also help to deepen the role-play of a player and help them get into the rogue-ish mindset. I am excited to see that PolyHero come up with next for other classes and character archetypes with the same execution and the pieces themselves are well sculpted and roll well. It is also a set that ensures you will not confuse a dice with another player’s set.

5. Melon Ball Glowworm By Sirius Dice

A set that is as intriguing to look at as it is to pronounce. Each polyhedral dice contains a medley of colourful material that also glows in the dark. They are a striking set that won’t be confused with others die due to their stand-out nature. The glow in the dark is also a nice touch and opens up the possibility of playing in the dark. Although given the use case for such is often horror rpg’s it is a little juxtaposing to use such fun and prismatic dice for such a reason. They are also nicely rounded and are the ideal set for children who are undertaking their first roleplaying style games. The novelty of the glow in the dark is also one that seems to appeal especially to children and younger gamers] alike.

4. Chessex D6 Dice Block: Leaf Black Gold/Silver

Although the majority of entries on this list have been of a poly set focus there is always a need for good quality d6’s. The workhorse of tabletop gaming. Whether you need 2 for monopoly or several handfuls for a wargame there will rarely be a point where you will have enough d6’s. Chessex d6 blocks are essentially the industry standard for such at this point. Good quality and good value at their price they are a core part of any collection of tabletop games. The leaf Black Gold/Silver ones are a nice striking choice. They fit well in a fantasy or sci fi setting and having a contrasting white pip they are also easily readable. A great selection that can be relied upon time after time. The 12mm size comes with a staggering 36 dice in each set which is enough for most all use cases. They also come in a cube for easy storage and remove the explicit need for a dice bag or carry case.

3. Diffusion Citrus Poly 15 Set Dice

Diffusion immediately stands out for offering their dice in a 15 set instead of the standard 6/7. They are dice that value gameplay above all else. They are distinctive in bright colours and are larger than most other sets with larger text so they are easier to read at a glance. They sets are also designed to include most every dice you will need multiples of so you need not borrow dice or buy multiple sets. It is a set of dice that makes a lot of sense. They took every aspect of dice and improved them to their intended purposes. As far as an efficient and effective set goes there is not beating them.

2. Spirit Of The Stag Dice Pack From Critit

Critit make some beautiful dice with bold and striking colour ribbons within them. They are also themed to specific animals such as the chosen set ‘Spirit of the Stag’. These feature a spring colour theme of gold and green with a Stag emblem in place of the crit roll. Each set in similarly adorned with the namesake animals and also come with suitable colours. They are well produced and have a crisp edge with slightly rounded corners. They are also handmade and come in a standard polyhedral 7 dice set. They are great for embellishing a rpg character and especially useful for those who favour rangers or druidic characters. Each one is distinct and they catch the light in a way that almost makes them glow. They are a quality set and biggest danger is the urge to try and collect them all. They also come in fantasy variants with various dragons and mythical creatures adorning them. Critit have a dice set for everyone and they are also competitively priced compared to other dice sets in the same bracket.

1. DNDice Dragon Core: Chaos Gold Dice Set

DNDice make some of the most outstanding dice available. The Chaos Gold set is a good indicator of this. A golden metallic split with a gemstone like vein that swirls across them. They are visually outstanding and the pride of any dice collection. They are also very practical. They come with two D20’s along with the other expected rpg dice as well as coming in a protective metal storage tin lined with foam. It is also good to see that the numbers themselves are not obscured and are deeply embossed which makes them very readable when used on the tabletop. They have good heft and roll quality and are well deserved of their place as number one on this list. They are also reasonably priced for the quality and style of dice that you receive. They easily rival the semi-precious stone stylet dice for aesthetics but come in at around half the price that you would expect to play. They also come in a variety of different colours and finishes. There are simply no better dice available at the moment.