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behind the bloggers

Behind The Bloggers – Lauren Skinner

Kirsty Hewitt 11/12/2023

This time, we are talking to Lauren to find out her favourite games and game recommendations. You'll find a few recommendations!

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Behind the Bloggers - Parks

Behind The Bloggers – Sophie Jones

Kirsty Hewitt 31/10/2023

This week on Behind the Bloggers I am speaking to Sophie Jones to find out all about her favourite game amongst other things.

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Behind the Bloggers - Craig, Meadow

Behind The Bloggers – Craig Smith

Kirsty Hewitt 19/10/2023

This time on behind the bloggers, I am talking to Craig to find out about his board game tastes and opinions.

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Behind the Bloggers - Pete - Camel Up

Behind The Bloggers – Pete Bartlam

Kirsty Hewitt 06/10/2023

It’s back - everyone’s favourite look behind the blogs, at the bloggers who write them. This week we have Pete Bartlam AKA Panto Pete.

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Behind The Bloggers Cascadia

Behind The Bloggers – Favouritefoe

Kirsty Hewitt 22/08/2022

Welcome to this months part for Behind The bloggers, where we interview Favouritefoe in all of her greatness!

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Its A Wonderful World

Behind The Bloggers – Hannah Blacknell

Kirsty Hewitt 11/07/2022

Hannah Blacknells turn now... Behind The Blogger, really seems to be putting them on the spot and seeing what their favourite games are.

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Xia photo

Behind The Bloggers – Northern Dice

Kirsty Hewitt 17/05/2022

Northern Dice is in the hotseat to answer our difficult questions. With so many great games out there what will he pick to be his favourite?

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Behind The Bloggers - Kirsty Hewitt

Behind The Bloggers – Kirsty Hewitt

Kirsty Hewitt 17/05/2022

Welcome to the first instalment in a new series where we will be asking the guest bloggers of Zatu some difficult game-related questions!

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