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Szarekh The Silent King Review

szarekh the silent king

Warhammer is a world so dark and detailed that every time I think i have found one of if not the best models out there I am always blown away when I find another that captures my eye, Szarekh is one of those models and has easily found its way to the top of my collection becoming one of my most recent pride and joys.

Building The Towering King

Szarekh is such a pleasure and also challenging to build, through the instructions you will follow the process of building the main throne that Sarekh rides followed by his two servants that ride along with him and Szarekh himself. After this is constructed you also make two monoliths that will travel the board with Szarekh and will be useful to slay all of his opponents.

The manual that shows you how to build the models like all of games workshop’s manuals is very clear and helpful and the only problems I had were the mistakes I made of my own volition along the way. When it's built you will see that the towering vessel will stand proud upon any table and easily dominate the field.

Painting The King

To more easily paint the king I would recommend that you build all the steps shown in the manual except when it comes to putting Szarekh, his cape and his two servants onboard, painting these separately proved to be very useful as it allows you to reach those tighter spaces with the right colour.

For the vessel itself I followed a process of painting it:

  • Abaddon Black - covering the entire model
  • Leadbelcher - focusing on all the metallic elements of the model
  • Mechanicus standard grey - for the small patch at the bottom
  • Astrogranite - for the base effect
  • Nuln Oil - over the base and all grey and leadbelcher parts of the model
  • Corax white - any details I wished to glow green
  • Tesseract glow - going over every white part of the model to create the green glow
  • Runelord brass - to cover all the sigal elements on the model

For Szarekh, his cape and servants I followed a process of painting them:

  • Runelord brass - for the entire model
  • Cryptex Amrourshade Gloss - shading the model
  • Abaddon Black - for all the elements under the models armour
  • Leadbelcher - to create the join elements and the metallic parts of the weapons
  • Nuln Oil - to shade the leadbelcher parts
  • Corax white - to form a base to create green glow
  • Tesseract glow - to create the green glow of the models

Using these paints you can achieve a battle ready model that will allow you to take this fine model into an intense battle and all of these paints can be found on Zatu Games.

Bringing Him Into Battle

Szarekh is not the model for beginners but for those hardened veterans who wish to take their fights to the next level he will allow you to do so. He exceeds the regular point cost of models in the 40k universe and this is reflected in his huge scale making him become the centre points of the battles he partakes in. Bringing him to the fight feels right having a towering king dominating the battle he fights in and his playstyle reflects this with many special rules and powers that makes him challenging and fun to use to slay your enemies.

Not Truly A Silent King

Szarekh is named the silent king and yet everything about him is so clearly the opposite, he never tries to be silent in his appearance or how he plays, and that's why I like this magnificent model. Yes the box and model is named after him but let's also give him a throne like vessel to travel the board, and let's give him two servants who will carry his other weapons and just when you think he’s done he also brings with him two towering monoliths that make him take more of the board and more of the attention. You won’t miss him and you will never want to take your eyes off him.