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Board Game Spotlight: Mr & Mrs Pocket Edition

Mr & Mrs Pocket Edition

In our latest Board Game Spotlight we're getting all loved up and we take a look at Mr & Mrs Pocket Edition.

This is the smaller version of the standard Mr & Mrs game which allows you to easily take it round on car journeys, train journeys, round to your mate's house or even round to a family member's house for a game or two.

This is an ideal party game as it only takes around 30 minutes to play and up to nine players can join in the fun.

The Game

The Pocket Edition of Mr & Mrs has two different games inside the box, one for two players and one for up to nine players - although as you will see in our YouTube video below this is not essential.

Each round will see you and your partner either going head-to-head or teaming up against 'rival' couples and friends. The aim here is to find out who knows the most about their partners, or which couples know the most about each other overall.

Rounds one and two work in a very similar way. Both team members will be give either a blue or pink answer pad and will be asked questions about their partner. When all of the questions have been asked about said partner, he or she will reveal the answers - which will then be matched up and scored.

For round two we have the super fun, but dangerous, paddle round. Each player receive a Mr and Mrs paddle card and must hold up the one they think most suits the questions being asked. These questions are normally based on who is the most likely to do something or who is the messiest.

As you can imagine this can not only create plenty of laughs but could also cause arguments..... so be careful!

The TV Show

Mr & Mrs Pocket Edition is based on the classic ITV show Mr & Mrs, currently presented by Philip Schofield. Since 2008 the show has been renamed as All Star Mr & Mrs and focuses on celebrities and their real-life partners, with £30,000 up for grabs for them to donate to their chosen charity.

Just like the Pocket Edition, the TV is split into three different rounds in order to see which couple knows the most about one another. Celebrities that have appeared on the show include Kenny Dalglish, Danny Dyer, Michael Owen and Ricky Tomlinson.

The original show was launched back in 1972 and present by Alan Taylor.

Take on your partner in Mr & Mrs Pocket Edition

Do you think that you have what it takes to be the number one couple? Then head over to the Zatu Games store and order yourself a copy today!