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Selfish: Disney Villains Edition Review


It’s not only Disney’s heroes and heroines that have captivated us over the years. It is equally portrayed through their iconic villains. Captivating us with their evil schemes and personalities. “Selfish: Disney Villains Edition” invites players to take control of some of Disney’s most iconic villains, including Scar and Ursula. Immersing players in a game of strategic thinking and evil deeds as they race to take control of the throne.

How to Play: Unleashing Your Inner Villain

In "Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" players compete against one another in a race to claim the throne. Designed for 2 to 5 players, players take on the role of one of Disney’s classic villains, plotting a scheming against one another. The contained components come adorned with Disney’s iconic villainous imagery, drawing players in and setting the stage for a wickedly delightful experience.

Each player receives a villain player card and mat, which serves as their board for their evil schemes. The quest, control and evil deed cards are then shuffled and placed in the centre for all players. The throne card sits at the centre of the play area, with each villain vying to be the first to take control of it and rule the realm.

The objective of “Selfish: Disney Villains Edition” seems deceptively simple at first glance. Each player is racing to be the first to claim the throne card. The game play is a turn based system, with each player strategically using their hand of control and evil deed cards to outplay their opponents.

Each turn players have multiple strategies to take. Playing control cards will advance their progress towards the throne, whilst evil deed cards can be used to disrupt the plans of their enemies. Knowing when to play each is where the strategic element of the game becomes ever deeper. Running out of control cards before reaching the throne will eliminate a player from the game, whilst an unfortunately timed evil deed card may not only hinder their opponents, but could have negative effects for the player themselves.

As the game progresses the moves taken by each villain become more and more calculated. As players edge closer to the throne the timings of their moves can be vital, with the first player to reach the throne claiming the victory and their villain ruling the realm.

In "Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" it is not enough to just eliminate your opponents one by one, you must sit upon the throne to win. If there is only one player remaining they have only three turns to reach the throne to emerge victorious. If no villains reach the throne then the heroes win and no player is victorious.

Verdict: A Wickedly Entertaining Affair

"Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" succeeds in drawing players into the evil universe of their favourite Disney villains. Offering a delightful experience of strategy,  competing head to head with their opponents. From the wonderfully themed game components to the deep mechanics, each aspect helps to immerse players in the theme.

The theme is Selfish: Disney Villains' crowning achievement, easily drawing players into the dark world of their favourite Disney villains. The design and artwork on each of the cards sings with their iconic Disney imagery. Each villain's deck feels unique to them and their style. Whether it’s using magic to scupper your foes with Jafar or deploying your pack of hyenas as Scar, each turn feels like you're playing within a scene straight from Disney.

Beneath the beautiful look and theme of "Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" lies a game full of strategy and complexity. Players must plan moves ahead to be successful, constantly facing the challenge of adapting to the moves their opponents make. The different gameplay between control and evil deed cards adds an additional layer of gameplay and strategy.

This interplay between players is what makes "Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" great, where an alliance between players can be useful in one moment and gone the next. "Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" encourages players to plot together whilst also trying to keep their best interests at heart. Each move requires players to weigh the risk and rewards of the cards, all while anticipating the moves opponents will make and trying to conceal their own plans.

The cast of villains included in "Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" introduces significant replay value. With each villain offering a slightly different approach to their path to the throne. Each play through of the game feels fresh and offers players the opportunity to try a different approach to claim the throne.

While "Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" can be complex and strategic for seasoned players, the simplicity of the rules make it easily accessible for newcomers too. These straightforward rules make it quick and easy for any player to get started. Additionally, the Disney theme makes "Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" a family friendly option for Disney fans of all ages.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Villainous Nature

"Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" does a great job at capturing the essence of its iconic Disney villains. Offering players an immersive theme, beautifully designed and captured in the game's components. With lots of strategic depth revealed once players become familiar with the game, offering great replay value. This game brings something to the table for everyone, from tabletop enthusiasts to Disney fans. "Selfish: Disney Villains Edition" invites players to step into the shoes of their favourite Disney villain in a race to take control of the throne!