Ravaged Star: Gorkog - Dice Pack

Ravaged Star: Gorkog – Dice Pack

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RRP £15.99
Expected Release Date 31/07/2024
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Ravaged Star is a fast paced, strategic tabletop wargame featuring gorgeous miniatures and exciting and engrossing gameplay, ancient evils rise in the darkest corners of the galaxy as massive armies wage war among the stars.

Malevolent and with a grotesque army seemingly without end, the Gorkog are a collection of monsters serving the will of Nevirr, the God of Wrath. Nevirr has spent thousands of years perfecting his “soldiers,” breeding, experimenting and splicing together the deadliest of species from the planets of Ankarr and Gorkog V. The genocide of the Immari was a masterstroke on his part, luring the Vanguard and Immari militaries into a quagmire on Ankarr while the rest of his forces slaughtered billions of dwarves.


20x Gorkog-Themed 10-sided dice
Please Note:

One Ravaged Star: Gorkog – Dice Pack is supplied.