Pax Hispanica Board Game [Deluxe Edition]

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RRP £110.00
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With this historical theme and the asymmetrical gameplay, your victory conditions and the future are set by the choices you make in battle and in treachery. And there are many strategic choices to be made in Pax Hispanica! Buy cards from the market, build, and develop your colonies, missions, and fleets. Fight at sea or land, outsmarting your opponent in open battle or perhaps in a duel! Advance on the Philosophy Board to shape the world in your image and claim victory!

Cardboard 2 Piece Box (297x297x70mm)
Map cloth
Philosophy Board
Rosetta Stone Board
6 Playmats
114 Cards (100 Market, 10 Haven, 4 Battle)
Meeples wood
Barques wood
Galleon wood
Chests wood
Disks for Colonies wood
Bibles for missionaries silkscreen wood
1 Dove (white) wood
Relics palstic transparent crystals
Gold (doubloons) metal
Dice wood

Punchboard including:
Cathedrals Standee
Figures Standee
Forts with colony fit inside
Timeline + Timeline indicator