Eternal Empire: Zombicide: White Death Expansion

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RRP £49.99
Expected Release Date 05/10/2024
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Zombicide: White Death – Eternal Empire is a campaign expansion. The Kickstarter version of this expansion grants you two Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors, the star-crossed lovers, Chang E and Hou Yi! But it will be available in retail

The Eternal Empire campaign expansion comes with:

6 Survivors
3 Chi Statues
1 Abomination
8 Warden Brutes
4 double-sided Game Tiles
12 Survivor ID Cards (including cards with Chi Skills for core box Survivors)
72 Advanced Equipment Cards
136 Objective Cards
60 Zombie Cards
1 Abomination Card
36 Chi Tokens
1 Campaign Sheet Notepad
1 Zombie Spawn Zone Token
1 Rulebook

Similar to expansions such as Washington Z.C. from Zombicide: 2nd Edition, and Gears & Guns from Zombicide: Undead or Alive, Eternal Empire is a campaign expansion. It consists of 10 Quests that form a single ongoing story that the Survivors go through, accumulating experience, skills, and equipment as they go. Their actions and choices on each Quest may have either positive outcomes or dire ramifications down the line. You’ll even be able to carry over equipment from previous Quests!