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Chaos Daemons: Combat Patrol

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Chaos Daemons: Combat Patrol – More Information Coming Soon!
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Chaos Daemons: Combat Patrol - More Information Coming Soon!

Who Are The Chaos Daemons?

Daemons in space? Sure, why not. These otherworldly beings are the servants and manifestations of the four Chaos Gods – Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh – and they bring terror, corruption, and destruction to the mortal realm. They are the Chaos Daemons.

They exist within the Warp and are shaped by the emotions and desires of mortals. They are often described as grotesque and horrifying, bearing features that defy the laws of nature. Although there are four types of daemons, the ones here are servants of Khorne. As such they reflect the very nature of the big red meanie. Namely rage, violence, and bloodlust.

They’re a constant threat to the Imperium (and other factions), serving as a reminder of the pervasive influence of chaos. Whether summoned by sorcerers or unleashed through Warp rifts, these daemons are harbingers of doom and despair.

What’s In The Box?

A Bloodmaster leads the horde. Everything in this box is made for close combat – three Bloodcrushers, 10 Flesh Hounds and 20 Bloodletters are all designed for devastating close quarter combat in vast numbers.

With 34 miniatures in the box you instantly have a patrol that can make short work of any enemy up close. That said, due to everything being close-range, it serves best as an accompaniment to an existing Chaos army rather than a standalone group.

Are They Difficult To Paint?

Unlike other Chaos factions (I’m looking at you in particular Thousand Sons) the Chaos Daemons aren’t covered head-to-toe with insane details. With the exception of the Bloodmaster and Bloodcrusher “steeds” you won’t even be painting armour. These guys prefer running into battle as nature intended and, painting-wise, are more akin to Ork skin. With most of the detailing being in highlighting muscle definition.

The Flesh Hounds are similar to painting Tyranids, with the need to focus on differentiating fleshy areas from more hardened sections. All-in-all this isn’t a difficult army to paint and get to the table, and by batch-painting several in one go you’ll be done in no time.