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PlayStation 1 games that deserve to return

Playstation1 Games

Crash Bandicoot is returning next year! To celebrate we have put a list together of the PlayStation 1 we would like to see make a comeback in the near future.

Yes that's right, the original Crash Bandicoot game, along with Cortex Strikes Back and Warped are due to be re-released on the PlayStation 4 next year - bundled together as the Remastered Collection.

So this got the team here at Zatu Games thinking - What PlayStation 1 games would we like to see remastered for our current-gen consoles?

Here are a few of the games that we think should make a comeback.

Spyro The Dragon 

Spyro The Dragon was another great platform game franchise! The story was simple, yet it was such a delight to play through. Spyro is forced to rescue his friends following a magical spell from the evil Gnasty Gnorc.

Using Spyro's two main forms of attack, fire breathing and horn charge, players had to travel across the dragon realms and hunt the bad guy down. Along the way Spyro would need to complete certain challenges such as collecting enough treasure and dragon eggs.

Health was re-filled by eating the butterflies created by defeating smaller enemies. This game was just pure fun for anybody that played it. In fact, such was its success, a whole gaming series was created in the years that followed.

TOCA Touring Cars

Racing at its very best - based on the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). Both of the original two games were based around the BTCC and featured classic British tracks such as Snetterton, Donington Park, Silverstone and Knockhill.

All of the teams and cars, such as the Ford Mondeo and Renault Megane, involved in the championship were included. The second game added great support series like the Formula Ford Championship.

Pit-stops, weather conditions and damage were all present. You had to be quick and skillful if you were going to take the victory on this game.

Medal of Honor 

Before Call of Duty and Battlefield there was Medal of Honor! The game took place towards the end of World War II and it was easily one of the most engaging story modes on the original PlayStation.

You had objectives and missions driven by the story which needed to be completed in order to defeat the enemy - rather than just shooting away through endless walkways.

Alongside the gripping single-player campaign there was also a split-screen death match mode which pitted two players against each other.

The second game, titled Underground, tightened up any little bugs with the first title and gave players the chance to battle through the French Resistance.

Driver 1+2

The Driver series arguably went downhill from Driver 3 (although this writer did quite enjoy Parallel Lines) but we are sure that plenty of gamers would love to see the original PlaySation 1 games return.

Released in 1999, Driver took free-roaming games to the next level with stunning graphics and a cool story line. Players took control of John Tanner, a NYPD detective who has gone undercover to take down organised criminal gangs.

The game took place across four cities; San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Driver was designed to mimic 60's and 70's car chase movies.

One year later we were introduced to Driver 2: Back on the Streets. The big difference this time was that Tanner could exit his car and take on the world by foot. Despite mixed reviews this was still one of the most popular games on the console.

At a time where Grand Theft Auto was a flat 2D game, the Driver series really did dominate the free-roam gaming market.

Crash Team Racing

We all wish that this was being included in the upcoming remastered bundle! PlayStation's answer to Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing featured Crash and 14 other characters from the series.

Typical of this type of game, players could collect weapons and power-ups to help them get to the front of the race. Game modes included time trails, arcade, versus and battle. An adventure mode was classed at the game's main story - with Crash and his friends trying to take down the evil Nitrus Oxide.

Crash Team Racing produced hours of fun - especially when you went round to your friend's house for some multiplayer fun!

Tomb Raider

Everybody played Tomb Raider on PlayStation didn't they? Lara Croft has become one of the most recognisable gaming characters ever and it all started with this game.

In the original you take control of Lara - an English archaeologist - and must search the tombs across the world in order to recover the three mysterious artefacts known as the Scion.

Along the way you would need to fight off dangerous animals and creatures, whilst collecting valuable objects and solving puzzles in order to advance. The game was the breakthrough of its kind and is still loved to this day.

One member of the team here at Zatu was keen for this blog to include Mort the Chicken, which was a game she used to spend hours playing when she was younger - so here we are!